Definitely the best and most authentic experience

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The absolute best and most authentic experience. Sandra is so beautiful and so fit ... with a body to be idolized and spoiled . I can not get enough of her.

I got a good reception from the second when I contacted Sandra . We agreed to meet on a Saturday night and she guaranteed to be there completely for me. I must say she was ... I was received by Sandra in the door wearing beautiful lingerie and heels as I had wished for . With her ​​long hair hanging down over the beautiful , shapely and hard breasts. She showed me into a big bed while I went behind her and watched her beauty ... her naughty time on the very high heels. I ate her tight firm buttocks with her eyes as they bobbed up and down and the small G -string panties dancing on her hips .

I could feel my penis grew in my pants ... I was totally turned on by this beautiful, feminine beauty. I sat on the bed and she let my hands explore her firm lean body. I nibbled her limb through panties ... I could see it grew quickly and wanted into my mouth . She gave it to me and it was allowed to grow hard and big in my mouth. I sought the dark cock and she fucked me in my throat and I bathed her cock in saliva.

I undressed while we tongue kissed . I have never been kissed so wet, intense and beautiful before. I enjoyed her warm soft tongue and immediately we lay in a lovely 69'er ... and I was big . Our cocks were playing with each other and in turn we masturbated both cocks against each other.

I asked her to take me doggy while I admired her in the big mirror . She looked delicious and intense out when she took me ... she really enjoyed it! ... she wanted to have my legs on her shoulders and she continued in my hole . She squatted over me and thrust her big cock straight down into my dark hole . She tore the rubber and would again have my throat ... I enjoyed that she came deep and I drooled and spat ... it was so delicious ....

I wanted to feel her hole and she rolled a condom on my hard cock with her mouth and sat down on all fours and opened the little tight hole for me .... it was very tight penetrating her , but even better than I hoped . I could feel she tightened hard around my penis ... and I enjoyed hearing her little moans and screams.

I got her in several positions and enjoyed the sight of mirrors. She really enjoyed being taken ... and I came in a big scream and pulled out of her hole before I sprayed it besides her beautiful ass .

Sigh ... I wanted her to come and she would spray me in the mouth. I licked her hand and she fucked herself alternately ... and she came in a big jerk in my mouth and I drank her .... hot and salty - and much of it ...

The most beautiful experience and there was time to talk and kiss and cuddle afterwards. She 's damn nice . After a long time, where I had my clothes on and had to leave , I had to bring up the subject of payment . I think that's great ... she was not ready with her hands out for money as soon as I was inside the door ... great service and great respect and thanks for that Sandra .

Did she live up to your expectations?

She definitely lives up to all expectations and more ... the most wonderful experience and would do it again and again and ... She is nice beautiful and shut up she is fit ...

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Yes, I got what it's all about .... a true and loving and beautiful experience ... and it may still not be on a list .

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Not at all ... and I do not think I get when I visit Sandra again ... I have much I would like to do with her ... ;-)

Comment to the rating

Thank you ... thank you ...

Time and place of the experience

7 September 2013 in Copenhagen .

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*) Sandra is also known as: Sandra Farrera

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