I was ment to be her sex slave

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Samira Sofia

When i talked with her, she sounded like a very nice and kind person which she proved to be. Really well educated classy girl with knowledge of the world and sex. When we met, she greeted me nicely I was very nervous because it was my first time with a shemale. She helped me relax lmmediately. She had nice high heels, gorgeous small skirt, everything was so perfect. She took me to bed and we took our clothes off. I was so relaxed with her altought it was my first time. She took her skirt off and started being dominating wich was very nice. Pulled out her nice big cock, told me to suck it hard and I sucked as if I was ment to be her sex slave. Then she told me to go in doggystyle position, she lubed her fingers and started to stretch my ass, it felt so good. She put a toy in me and made me ready for her cock. Then she turned me around and raised my legs, she started to bang me hard and good while she jerked me until I came. I came so hard. It was like Exctasy. Definitely no rush during this session. Would let her bang me all day and all night. After sex she let me clean myself and we chatted about everything like we had known eachother for years.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes, she was the girl from my dreams.

Time and place of the experience

Tampere Finland. 2016

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