First time getting a cock in my ass

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After one regular and one bad experience with shemales I decided to try for one last time if things are going in the same way as before and i'm glad I visited Belladenise, she made my day and I think the rest of the week, because she is incredible in bed plus stunning to look at and really kind. I was thinking to stay for half an hour but when I saw her I decided to upgrade my session with her to one hour and that was wise decision, we start kissing each other and then a 69, I wish I could suck her massive cock every day, its so tasty. After a while of sucking she starts to fuck me and I tell her to be gentle because it will be my first time getting a cock in my ass. She did it slow and pushing more and more and finally I get it all in and she was playing with my cock at the same time but I was going to cum too soon and I tell her to stop and she says "dont cum yet. Your ass needs to be pleasured".

Being honest that mix of pleasure and pain its what make me feel really excited and she is very professional and do everything to make me feel relaxed which I knew would otherwise make it impossible to enjoy her big cock and after a while getting fucked in more than 4 positions I was about to cum but I had to try her beautiful ass first and she says ok but gentle because she is really tight and I was also about to cum but I really wanted to see her cum before I did and she says ok.. and she give me a nice load in my face and when I told her I was about to cum she put one hand over my noose and mouth for few seconds and then when she took it off I get the more intense orgasm I have ever had before, nobody did that to me before, I have to do some research about that because it was really good. I took a shower and we talked a little while I was getting dressed and she was still in a good mood and she was looking herself in the mirror and when I was going out she start to kiss me and I got hard again and she push me down to suck her again and I suck her quickly because I didnt have time to stay longer but that drives me crazy. Incredible! The best of the best.

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She didn't care about time.

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She never says no to my requests.

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I got all that I wanted. What a pity she wont come back soon.

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Laksegade, 25/09 2014

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Is in: Barcelona, Spain
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*) Belladenise is also known as: Aythama and Kelly

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