The pain disappeared and only pleasure remained

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I had read belladenises previous reviews and looked at her pics and was looking forward to go and visit her. After having called her on the phone I was quite sure it would be a nice experience.. her voice is so sexy. But I never imagined that it would be the greatest experience of my life with a shemale. She is simply fantastic. I arranged an appointment with her in the weekend and arrived 10 minutes earlier. She told de me to wait 10 minutes and I went for a short walk. The appartment is right in the center at Amagertorv. When I entered her appartment I saw her and realised she is very feminine, with an incredibly nice and slim body and a beautiful ass. We immediately started kissing each other and wow I got excited. While kissing we got into the bed and I moved my hand towards her toy. When I saw it it was like I had hoped. Her cook is simply beautiful, very thick and I put my mouth around it. Then we continued kissing each other and sucking each others dicks. Then she asked to enter my ass and I begged her to do it. At the beginning it was a little painful, my god her dock is so big, but she was gentle and after a while the pain disappeared and only pleasure remained.

She took me in missionary position and funked me hard. Then asked me to fuck me doggystyle. I was enjoying all the position. We kept on kissing after that and I kept on goggling on her dick. After more than half an hour of that huge piece of meat inside every hole I have I was starting to feel pain in my ass. She alternate sweetness to hardness with unseen ability. I begged her to stop it, but she was really excited and asked me to relax and have her dick inside me one last time. I accepted and that was a smart decision, she was once again marvellous alternating between soft and hard. In the end after one hour of that dick splitting me in two parts she screamed she wanted to cum in my mouth. I opened my mouth and welcomed that warm cum. I played a while with her cum and finally swallowed it all. She asked me if I wanted to take a shower before going because both of us at the end of that experience were exhausted and sweaty. We talked for ten minutes more and kissed goodbye. During our time together she never answered the phone, she completely dedicated herself to me. I want to come back and visit her one more time before she goes.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Much much better than what I had hoped

Did you get anything not on the menu?

I think we did everything that a man and a shemale can do in a bed

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In this case 5 stars might not be enough

Time and place of the experience

Copenaghen, close to amagertorv 13 th september 2014

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*) Belladenise is also known as: Aythama and Kelly

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