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Wow, wow and wow it's the only way to start my comment. This girl is unbelievable and was the best escorting experience i've ever had. I call her yesterday afternoon and i knew she will be great when i hear her sexy voice and she didn't mind to answer my questions and with some laughs sometimes which made me forget I was nervous because I was going to visit a ts, good english which is really important for me because i like to express myself and get it back. I made an appointment and arrive on time to her address and she ask me to wait few minutes, nervous feelings again but when I finally went inside her apartment I thought it was worth every minute I had been waiting outside

Oh my God she has the most exotic face i've seen even in a bio girls if you know what i mean: Big eyes, amazing lips, charming smile, in one word: beautiful and oh my god!. what a body.. totally unreal, she is petite but with the perfect curves and her ass is perfect: not too big not too small, I just got hard when I saw her walking very sexy to the bedroom, we agree that I stay for an hour and then she start to kiss me and hell.. yes.. amazing kisser, then we start to touch each other and suddenly she forces me to go down her panties and show me her huge cock and tell me .. Do you like my big cock? I almost explode in that moment but I resist myself and start to suck her and it was growing inside my mouth while she caught me by my hair and forced it down my throat until I cant take it anymore, after a few minutes I had tears in my eyes.

Then she told me are you ready to be raped? I was so excited and I answer yes!, and she did it , she impaled me for a long time changing movements from slow to fast in different positions. Brilliant performance. She blew my mind.. she is a 5 star fucker, then I ask her to cum in my mouth because I think I was getting some air in my stomach, which didn't make me feel in the mood to keep getting fucked more by such a big dick, and she says: Do you want that I fill your fucking mouth with my cum bitch? and absolutely a Yes from me and then she blew. I got a big and warm load in my mouth ,she tastes so good and I came immediately with her load in my mouth. I hadn't felt so satisfied in a long time. She help me to clean myself with her devil smile and I had to relax in her bed for 5 min at least because my legs were shaking after all. we start a nice conversation that make me think this girl is smart also. My dear Aythama you deserve the best of the best.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Oh yes, I knew she would be good, but not that good and she was absolutely right, I left her apartment with a huge smile on my face. Finally I get 2 fantasies I have had come true. Brilliant!

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Yes, she has an amazing personality and she certainly knows how to keep an interesting conversation. Top of the Top.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

She denied to come to my home and live with me forever.

Comment to the rating

You should have more than 5 stars for this kind of epic experiences. No words to describe how happy I am.

Time and place of the experience

Copenhagen City Center , walking distance from Cafe Europa. Sept. 2014

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