Pounded me until I almost pass out

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For a while, I have been visiting this site and have gradually built up a considerable lust. Now it was time to do something about it for real again - and I had had Ellen in the back of my head - I wanted to be fucked.

But then this morning I checked out shemalewiki and saw that Belladenise (Aythama) is back in Copenhagen. Could be fun to try something new - and it looked like she was quite well equipped...

By mid-morning I called her and we arranged to meet around 11 - she would call me when she was ready. When she finally did call, she gave me the address - not far from "Storkespringvandet", Central Copenhagen. She buzzed me in and I walked up the stairs of a nice and clean building. The door to her apartment was open and I entered without even having seen her... and there on the other side of the door she stood. Burning hot and really cute!

She was dressed in a nice fishnet-suit with tiny black panties. Her body was delicious and I enjoyed the sight of her tight ass as we chattering went through the cozy apartment towards the bedroom.

We started kissing. Her lips were soft and warm and her tongue naughty and teasing. She led my hand down so I could inspect her secret... yeeees, it was true - something big was growing in the tiny thong! She pulled out her cock and it was big - and fat! A touch of concern hit me, but it was quickly forgotten, for now we were suddenly in the big white bed in a sexy 69. I tried to take her cock deep in the throat and she also pushed on. But it was too large for me. "You have tears in your eyes, baby. Are you sad?" she asked teasingly as she saw my face.

We were now on our knees facing each other, kissing in the big bed. She reached for a condom and began to roll it on. I could feel that my heart beat faster and the nervousness began to return.

She asked me to lie down on my back and shot a big pillow under my lower back. My legs were far back as she lubricated my hole and gently slided her cock inside. At first it hurt a little and I asked for some extra lube. Very quickly the pain disappeared but just as quickly she began to pound deeper and harder. Every time she pounded me I got a very intense feeling - and when she pounded many times in a row this feeling grew into one big orgasmic sensation. She had a horny, sexy, sadistic grin on her face as she rooted med again and again - again and again.

She leaned over me and we tongue kissed deeply as she started making love to me gently... but then all hell broke loose again and she started pounding me until I almost pass out and had to tell her to stop. Not because it hurt, but because it was such an intense feeling that I was afraid to explode (that must be investigated next time). Again she pounded and I was just about to come. A white glistening drop sat on the tip of my dickhead as a stubborn rodeo rider as she fucked the shit out of me!

We had a little break and I asked if I could fuck her. She answered a little hesitant yes. I got up on my knees and this time the poor cushion got shot under her lower back. With rubber on I slided my dick up her butt, she whimpered lewd. I tried to copy her and started pounding her in deep series.

Still in the missionary and after some time she came in hot splashes while I kept her in a firm grip holding her hips. She came all over her stomach and also hit my hand. A few seconds after I pulled myself out, ripped off the rubber and came over her already soaked stomach.

After some chatting I found my way to the shower. Really great with a bath after such long and intense sex - and great to find an unscented, neutral soap so that you don't have to come home with a too strange smell...

Afterwards we were talked some more on the bed about this and that... she is definitely also a wonderful conversation partner.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Definitely yes! Belladenise is wonderful. She is gorgeous, has a big dick and fucks like a dream. She is sweet and does not seem to worry about the time. No matter how experienced or inexperienced you are, she is a top choice.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Yes, I should like to add the following to the list if Belladenise is OK with it: tongue kisses, black kisses (active ​​and passive), OWO (active ​​and passive), COB (passive).

Comment to the rating

Belladenise should definitely be top-rated. A clear five star rating!

Time and place of the experience

Central Copenhagen, August 8th 2014, approximately 11 am. She is only in Copenhagen for one week (up to and including August 14, 2014) - so get going!

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