Took my blindfold off , so I could see myself getting fucked in the mirror

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Published: 1380604110000
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Hello my name is Nikolle and wanted to give my version as escort. 1. Cover my face with my hair? I wore a mask and a beautiful matching set of latex that had already been scheduled in advance, wear black, sexy and shiny latex. 2. You arrived with 20 minutes of delay, of whom I speak is perfect, I have a message on my phone that confirms what I say. 3. I have knowledge and I totally agree with you, when referring to my site. They are the best facilities in Copenhagen. But they are not the worst so we strive on good service for customers 4. I think it has been exaggerated. If you notice a suspicious attitude or something that did not like at first. My answer to you is, that you should have left. But surely their curiosity or when I first saw him ignorano impact and everything bad that has been said before about the place you work. The service you describe is excellent. My erection was 100%. You could be fucked like a mirror? Detallarme But you could not before? doubtful that part of its history .... can be seen in a mirror but not detail marred the girl that will have sex? And also I pay? When the service is completed. The problem is that, you thought that I would follow. But his time had expired. In no time I refused to nothing. He even offered a shower. And you speak very curious about his uniform. Remember? I regret the inconvenience if you want please contact me and I will find the best solution. Exposing this public is absurd since it harms directly my work and I think with everything I've said I have confirmed that the issue has been exaggerated. Thank you for your attention.

Something should happen , and again I wanted to try a shemale . I had tried it once before ves all in all it was a really good experience :-) This time it should be a little more wild .

I am turned on by dominance , so why not take a shemale exercising dominance , so the choice fell on Nicole . She was very friendly on the phone so I felt much pressure by having to visit her.

Facilities was the worst I had ever experienced . It was in a basement and the room was so small it was almost impossible to take her clothes off . I had never seen her properly as there was so dark and she hid her face behind her hair.

Until now it had not been a good experience, and I was just about to turn round and leave. But now I was there , yes, and then it would be foolish not to utilize it. I was tied to the bed and blindfolded. There I could feel that I was really turned on and got stiff cock right away. She went out and left me like that a little while .. she came back and asked if I was ready and I had to say that I was .

She took a firm grip in my hair pressed her hard cock into my mouth , it was really sexy . I asked if I could be allowed to suck it without the rubber , as it was one of the things that I had resolved to try , and I must say this was an amazing experience . It made it a thousand times more sexy and I could really feel that it was something she enjoyed .

She started sucking me and stuck a dildo up my ass . She let the dildo be and set up and started to ride me. It was naughty , but not really something I got something out of . Then she said that I should turn around in doggy style . And she began to take me hard from behind while she hit me hard. it was really sexy .

She took my blindfold off , so I could see myself getting fucked in the mirror. I could feel that she was coming , so she pull out and sat on me and let me suck her cock again until she came out over my face , which was super hot and naughty , but shortly after it was not so sexy :-)

Unfortunately, I could not be with her, and she tried a little to get me to come, but really felt that she had lost spirit . And after a few minutes she said that I was going to come , because there were only 5 minutes left in the half hour I had paid for . It was really a turn of and I ended up not getting off , which is not quite finished it actually was otherwise a really naughty experience.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Everything she did to me lived up to my expectations , but never really saw her , and it was a little strange. That I turn on is that it's a girl with a dick, so it's important to me that they really like a girl. But I can not say if she did.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

I got what we had agreed .

Comment to the rating

She is 4 star but is let down as the surroundings are really bad , have never seen anything worse. And I have visited some places :-) At the same time it is a big minus that I did not come.

Time and place of the experience

Copenhagen , 16 September 2013.

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