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Natasha Montini

It is NOT! her in the pictures, so they are fake. Not that she's ugly, but I met her. She was at least 173 cm and 58 KG! Closer to 180 cm (I'm 177 cm) and looked more like 65-70 Kg than the 58, although she definitely is not fat in any way.

She was my "baptism", and do not know what to expect from a "first time", but if you yawn 2-3 times during athe act, it must surely mean that she lacks interest. Moreover, her cock was only semi-erect throughout the session, and never got on top so to speak. It may be my lack of skills in the sucking department * G *, but it definitely appeared as if she was not interested in making this a good experience. It was great to FINALLY! get a cock in the mouth and licking a nice ass, but there could have been something more in the whole experince.

Eventually I gave up sucking and when I could not even get a proper boner to fuck her properly (probably due to a little nervousness), we concluded with a sucking on her part, and that was OK with me.! But I had hardly delivered the last drop on the breasts before she ran out to the bathroom ... sooohhh. It could probably be done much better, but I was so excited and horny, so the experience ended up being ok .... isch.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Njaaa, felt there was something missing, but great to test it out, but I had to take controll of everuthing ...... I was allowed to kiss her, but there was a profound lacking of enthusiasm, so I dropped it. Good tits and nice hair, but otherwise nothing special, ok nice face, but not at all like the pictures ..... PS: she does not speak a word of English, so a little language barrier was present as well, but it went ok.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Nahh ... not beyond that I paid for a half hour and we spent an hour without her even mentioned it ... so it's probably ok. It lacked enthusiasm so slightly disappointing.

Comment to the rating

I gave it 2 stars because I have not tried better, since it was my first shemale and a semi ok experience.

Time and place of the experience

4 July, 2013 kl. 22

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