She fucked my mouth untill I gagged

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It was the perfect timing. I had one night at the hotel in Stockholm. I've been dreaming about Being with a shemale for a long time and tonight it was gonna happen! i tried to call 3 different "Girls" but no answer. Then i tried to call sayda and she answered right away. We aggreed to meet so i catched a taxi and was on my way. I was so nervous I could hardly breath. When I arrived she greated me in this sexy clothing, she was so beatiful, just like in the pictures. I told her I was a virgin and then we took of our clothes and jumped in bed. We began in a 69, first time i sucked a cock. Little dissapointed that I couldn't suck her without condom but IT was ok. She fucked my mouth untill I gagged. then she wanted to fuck me. I had to lubed my ass by myself, she wouldnt touch my ass or not even kiss me for that matter. But she put her cock up my ass and it felt so good. She started to jerk me of at the same time but it felt like she rushed IT and Wanted me to come right away. I had to stop her a couple of times so i wouldnt come. Then i ride her cock asian cowgirl style for a while. Then she fucked my mouth and deepthroated me. I thought that she by this time should be rock hard but her Cock was still not so hard. then she started to fuck me again in while Im on my back and my legs on her shoulders. IT felt so good so i couldn't hold back anymore and i came while she fucking and jerking me off. Then the party was over, she didnt cum, wich was a dissapointment. I cleaned myself and then took my clothes on and left.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Since IT was my first time it was Amazing just to suck Cock and to get fucked, but i wanted IT Moore personal and passionated with kisses and hugs and that she would have been "nearer" me. I wanted her to make Love to me, but she just fucked me stonecold. The pictures where real, but her cock wasn't hard. I wasn't allowed to fuck her. I was there for 20 minutes but payed 1500kr for 30 minutes. After i came IT was over.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

I didnt get to fuck her.

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Plus for very sexy and goodlooking shemale. Minus for soft cock and not passionated sex. Overall a great experience but i guess she could do better.

Time and place of the experience

Stockholm 19 oktober

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*) Sayda is also known as: Zaida, Zayda and Sajira

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