The cock would have taken over

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I had the funniest experience with Katherine one can imagine. However, I would just say that she is a beautiful Shemale, with shapes in the right places, if the Peewee is 18 cm, I dare not say, if you can ignore that it is small and when I was visiting it was not usable. Are you more into a good ass, she is just the thing, for it is totally okay. I called and got a green light to come and visit, as I said, she is beautiful as she stood and embraced me in the door, and I had no doubt that I had to be with her. It started out fine but ended with the biggest laugh I've ever experienced. Here wee go! During the Act, I was asked if I wanted her friend to join, I had 500 extra, so that was what I could offer, they said yes, and in came her friend, she began to suck me and after having spottet Katherine I was well horny and the cock would have taken over and sprayed. An unsuccessful attempt to retain ejaculations, the cannon was fired during a blowjob. The two shemales looked at each other, "often wonder what they were thinking" . Now in my own frustration i offer massage, Katherine said yes. Believe she enjoyed it, she brought her friend in again when it was her turn. (Believe now that they were drunk) After I had given her friend a ride, Katherine came back and they were talking in a language I did not understand, but her friend found a dildo and looked at me. So I promise I got their full atention. She went completely bananas and just wanted to screw my ass. She tried repeatedly to catch my asshole and push the dildo up before I could get away. I got away and I hurried to get dressed and I just wanted out of the door. Suddenly there I was standing out in the street, (fortunately I had unlocked my bike) Katherine came rushing out like a Troll from under a bridge, screaming and shouting that I had stolen her mobile phone, I got up on the bike in a hurry and down Heimdalsgade with a half-naked very angry shemale after me barefoot. I got away and when I was far enough away I rushed to call and sure enough, she answered the phone. She explained the fact that they had had a robbery the day before and so on. Shut up "a laugh" First, I escaped a very horny dildo, then a very angry Trannie chasing me down the street barefoot. Yes what an experience I had, sex and intimacy is not worth writing about! If I was her I would use the perfect ass more and not so much Peewee. All in all a messy affair. It was probably a little high in Heimdalsgade the evening.

Did she live up to your expectations?

No not quite. Small flaccid cock. However, a good ass as I could fuck again. A good advice for Katherine. Use your lovely ass when you advertise and provide services.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Yes it can be safely said. A horny dildo which I certainly had not expressed I would visit. Plus an angry trannie barefoot who chased me all the way through Heimdalsgade.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

There was no list.

Comment to the rating

She must now have 1 stars for good entertainment and 1 star for the experience beyond the ordinary, boring it was fucking not. Eventually she must have 3 star for a great ass and a very pretty face.

Time and place of the experience

Heimdalsgade in Nørrebro. it's some years ago believe it might have been in 2009.

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