She is very feminine , both body and face

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It was with butterflies in my stomach that I called on Valentina's door today. We had written together a bit about what I wanted , where I also made ​​her aware that I was " trans virgin " ;) That convinced me she said that she would make a lovely naughty experience for me.

I was very nervous about this fantasy that should now be acted out , but at that moment she opened the door then disappeared my worst insecurity as a delicious naughty tall hottie came towards me. She took my hand and said come in honey :)

Valentina is very beautiful and there was nothing masculine about her. slim , big tits, small ass , and a really pretty face . Just what I had hoped for ... A woman with benefits :)

We entered the room and she offered me something and drink as she picked up while I undressed and laid me on the bed. We agreed a half hour with super French to me and Greek to me as it is a fantasy I've had for quite a while . She sucked me for around . 10 min while I stroked her cock , which grew in my hand :)

I regret , however, that I did not taste her, but right at the beginning , I was somewhat surprised just to have a growing cock in his hand . So she found rubber and lube and asked me to get on all 4 Slowly she pressed against my opening and to my BIG surprise, there was only slight pain when she asked if it was okay. I said yes and asked her to continue , and after 1-2 minutes she was in : O) She just stood quietly behind me some time while I got used to the feel and size , and then she began to move slowly back and forth.

I think she could sense that it excited me , she laughed and said " naughty guy , this view has been looking forward to ." I just mumbled yes, it is bold and beautiful . It took her by accepting that I was okay, so she started to fuck me harder and faster and after a short 15 minutes, I take her cock to the root without pain and I came violently .

Valentina increased the pace and then pounded hard against my ass until she came :)

Afterwards we chatted while I got dressed and she asked about how satisfied I was. I replied that the benefit of and be single again was that now some of my fantasies finally be fulfilled. she found that very funny ...

She followed me to the door, and I told her that I would definitely be back again :)

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes, and she exceeded them also because of her beauty. Very good for first-time visitors with no experience with shemales , which I did quickly relaxed and just enjoyed her take care of me . She has no face shots , but do not worry, she's very feminine both body and face. her face was what I feared most when I had not seen her picture , but my how I was nicely surprised. Sweet feminine Latino face, and not very deep voice ... All in all, just what I call a " beautiful woman with benefits " .

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

No, I got it just as I had hoped :)

Comment to the rating

I have given 5 stars because of the way she took me on . Where she was listening to my signals, while we texted each other for 2 days before the meeting , in which she responded to my doubts and the like before we finally had to meet.

Time and place of the experience

Aalborg / Nørresundby 23 January 2014.

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*) Valentina is also known as: Nichole Valentina, Candy Latinatrans and Priscilla

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