Obviously enjoyed our unbridled sex game

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Ask Kimberly in Aarhus 12 December 2013. Snatched a delightful half hour of DKK 1,500

We kissed and fondled while we undressed each other. Kimberly is super sexy and beautiful and sexy . I licked her cock and ass until she was hard. She was steel hard and penetrated into me from behind. She fucked me hard and deep for a while before she pulled out . I rolled over on my back and she pressed hard into me again. She fucked me hard , deep and long as I slung my legs on her sexy body and caressed the tits .

I got anal orgasm and moaned loudly as she fucked me super nice . She pulled out and I rolled her onto her back . As soon as I stepped over her and stripped off my horny ass down her hard cock . I rode her quickly in a circular motion and we moaned both wildly excited . She would touch my dick , but I averted because I would not come too soon. I had to hold her arms while I rode her fast.

Suddenly I came very violent and 3-4 mega cascades of sperm pumped out of my cock - all over her breasts and face. She opened her mouth and got a part as she obviously enjoyed with gusto .

I continued to ride her hard cock while the last cum pouring out of my dick.

Kimberly was really horny and very close to climax . I pulled myself away from her and started sucking her. She stood up and pressed my head against her cock . Eventually she came quite strongly out over my chest and face. She spermed lot * SXF *

Did she live up to your expectations?

Kimberly lived more than up to expectations - even if her cock is slightly smaller than expected. It was just tough and wild * SXF *

Did you get anything not on the menu?

I got everything and more - she obviously enjoyed our unbridled sex game and it took almost 45 minutes even though I only ordered 30 minutes.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Not at all.

Comment to the rating

Definitely worth a visit - I do like again (and again and again ... )

Time and place of the experience

12 December 2013.

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Is in: København NV, Denmark
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*) Kimberly is also known as: Kimberly Estravagance

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