Dressed as requested in lingerie and heels!

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Coco Che'Nelle

I had the pleasure to meet Coco while on my travels. She is genuinely beautiful and feminine. Polite and helpful on the phone, she speaks English naturally. She gave directions to her private apartment not far from Copenhagen city center.

Soon arrived and met by a gorgeous girl... dressed as requested in lingerie and heels! Tall, long legs and nice curves. Her breasts are amazing. They look and feel so natural.

After the formalities taken care of and some polite chat, it was time to get down and check that the stunning sexy woman did have more in her underwear! After some kissing and foreplay, I could feel her surprise growing and it was time to release her cock for closer attention. At 6 inches, cut and straight her cock was ideal. Soon in mutual oral 69 including rimming her tight golden ring!

We switched positions, and released my cock from her full lips... mainly so I could last longer! I got on my knees to pleasure her further, then time for me to slip into her...

After a few variations, including her on top, I enjoyed the sight and feel of those lovely hanging breasts. Before finally coming (as agreed beforehand - no face shot) but over her lovely tits... later my cum added to by her own. Not a massive amount but a enough!She was certainly fully engaged, passionate and involved the whole time. Drained and satisified, we both showered and chatted. No rush, nice conversation (I'm of an age where I'm not looking for a 2nd round!) and a comfortable / tidy apartment. I would recommend.

Did she live up to your expectations?


Did you get anything not on the menu?

The kissing was more passionate than I expected, or have experienced with other escorts (TS & GG).

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

No. It was agreed up front that i wouldn't cum on her face but over her body. Which I'm fine with!

Comment to the rating

A hot and very satisfying encounter, that will be replayed many times over in my mind!

Time and place of the experience

Copenhagen, April 2014. Denmark

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