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Actually it was not intended that I should visit Fransheska.

I had in fact been looking at Iris Baby... her profile I had seen on Escort Guide a few weeks ago. When I finally decided me and got it all in place, it turned out that Iris was not in the country. But then (the other day) she showed up here on the wiki.

And THEN finally I got a dial tone! But after three calls without answer I stood there with my 1,500 burning in the pocket - and a bulge in my pants - and still no deal. Now what?

Got my mobile out of the pocket and then scrolled down... Fransheska... the two Tayras... Lorena... - I call Fransheska - she's the girl closest to my taste.

And 5 seconds later I got her feminine, happy voice on the line. We agreed to meet half an hour later and she immediately texted me her address.

So off I went - and of course the phone suddenly rings. It's Iris, but as a man of honor, I had to stick to my agreement with Fransheska.

Next time, Iris Baby ...

Thirty minutes later I am standing in front of the door when I call to report my arrival. Fransheska opens the door in a nice net dress and shows me into a small room with a large bed, a couch and some blinking lights. She looks really good - and live up to her pictures! Yum - away goes my worries!

I order a half hour, and as she disappears out the door with my DKK 1,000 kroner, I enjoy her hot body. Really delicious, toned body. Perfect butt in a tiny thong, long black hair and long legs in fuck-me heels.

I take most of my clothes off and sit on the couch and wait a moment. Thinking about how to turn off the blinking lights, so I can really enjoy her delicious appearance, but quickly my mind turns to other thoughts as she steps back in again. We speak shortly only to begin passionate tongue kissing while my still cold fingers go exploring on her tight body. Then she stands up against the wall and presses her butt against my cock. My hands sliding up her body and takes her breasts - they feel just like a pair of real breasts should feel. I kiss her neck and she takes her hair to the side so I can kiss her neck. She is really turned on and my hands slide down to a quite hard and delicious cock, which can hardly find room in the tiny thong. She takes off the thong and I go on my knees and kiss her, first her buttocks, spread them and gives her butthole a good licking. She is warm, soft, and only with a slight hint of perfume. Not something that should give explanation problems when I in a short while return to the real world...

She lies down on the bed and let me take control. I suck her dick. It feels for the first time almost entirely natural to suck cock, but her body is also as feminine as it can be. I suck and lick up and down the shaft and onto her balls too. She pulls her legs up, spreading her buttocks and her asshole invite my tongue inside. A really sexy porn butthole.

After a lot of black kisses I climb up to her face and her mouth. She grabs my cock, giving me a long tongue kiss and climbs down and gives me the greatest blowjob without rubber that you could ever emagine!

Then she lies on her back diagonally in bed, pulling her legs up and invite me to to the missionary. I crawl over her, tongue kissing her, kissing her neck. Our cocks rubbing against each other. She moans and our hands are shaking. I take hold of my cock and presses it against her butthole, rubbing it back against her cock and balls - and then back to the entrance.

Pushing again lightly against the tight opening. I feel ALMOST completely convinced that I would be allowed to take her bareback, if that was what I wanted. But I know I will regret it bitterly afterwards - and maybe she's just really good and lets me ask the right question: where are the rubbers?

On with the condom and quickly I regain full erection lube up and slip slowly into her. Deeper and deeper, faster and faster. She is tight. I pull myself out a few times, then again to ram it in completely to the balls. I enjoy her facial expressions while I gradually screw her so thoroughly. We fuck in this position until I suddenly rip off the rubber and cum over her stomach.

We chat a little afterwards - she is super cute and I study her delicious body while I get dressed. She is so delicious that I promise myself that it must not be the last time.

On the way out of the apartment I greet her friend, another Latin-American shemale (I guess). She is watching TV on her laptop on the sofa.

The door closes behind me and I am back on the street, this time with a big happy smile - and still with DKK 500 in my pocket.

My best 4th of May ever!

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