She was really tight!

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Lorena Grossmen

Friday night 26th of April 2013 I visited Lorena in 1 Eskildsgade, Copenhagen. I had written to her earlier same day and we agreed to meet at 11pm. I had never visited the place before but had read that the rooms were not the most welcoming. But Sharon defenitly was when she opened the door and let me in.

I was a bit overwhelmed by how delicious she looked wearing only leather underwear, so I didn't catch all that she asked me. She asked again and I said now that I had written with Lorena. She called Lorena who quickly came out and gave me a cheeky hug and took me into a very small room with wall to wall bed :-)

Wow she was so naughty to watch. The pictures of her on this site fits very well. We agreed quickly on an hour with everything. The appropriate money changed hands and we both went to the toilet. Now I was really turned on and the nervousness had subsided a little. We were quite close, tongue kissed and my fingers went exploring while we undressed each other. She has an incredible ass and nice tits. She turned her back to me and rubbed her ass up my growing bulge. She pulled my boxers down and I pulled her tight leather thong of her. My hands slid up and noticed for the first time ever, another cock. And what a dick! It was still slack but incredibly heavy and the thickest I've seen.

We gave each other a small hand job before we laid on the bed. On the bed she positioned herself to a 69'er and quickly threw a condom on. She licked my cock up and down the shaft and balls were also given a tour before her with her mouth rolled the condom on me. I now started my first bj ever. The cock was now stiff, maybe not quite 24 cm, but really nice and thick. I gave it my best shot and we both enjoyed it.

She turned around and put her legs on my shoulders and I made myself ready to penetrate her. She was really tight!

So tight that I had to give up and return to a little more oral to get me quite hard again! Now she took off the condom of both of us and we continued with 69 again. I quickly became rock hard again and she gave me the best blowjob I've ever gotten.

Deepthroat all the way.

I turned her around put the condom on and made ready to take her from behind. Still incredibly tight, so it took some time to penetrate. I was only up in her about 5 minutes before I exploded inside her. She turned around and we did 69 until she came all over her own stomach.

She quickly went to the bathroom and came back still with a cheeky smile on. I thought that it was now over, and she sat on the bed and gave me a glass of water. We chatted a bit and my cock began to rise again. She saw it immediately and laid me down on the bed where she again gave me a blowjob until I came for the second time. "Are you satisfied?", she asked, and I could only answer yes.

I Would really like to have tried being fucked by her, but I was too intimidated by her huge cock. That experience has to wait for now.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes fully. Lacking, however, that she was active in anal but she dit not refuse that. I'm Sure I could have asked / done something about it. Her pictures are not that much photoshopped and the dicks is actually somewhat thicker than it looks in the pictures.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Mutual super French.

Time and place of the experience

Friday night 26th of April 2013 I visited Lorena in 1 Eskildsgade.

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Lorena Grossmen

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