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Lorena Grossmen

I actually had not checked escort guide out as usual. It had been a wet night out and thought I'd stop by Eskildsgade 1 in the basement. I knocked and could not see who opened the door. I went in and the door closed behind me. There were three that day Trans Sharon, Trans Oxana and especially Lorena (actually the three are at work right now).

Oxana smiled sweetly to me and asked who I would have? I thought a bit and then asked who had the biggest dick and the answer quickly it was Lorena. Lorena it is!

Lorena took me by the hand and led me into a room in the back. (I had previously attended Eskildsgade and can confirm that this place is not very nice - but the shemales here constantly attracts me) but enough about that. I gave her money for a half hour. As she went out with it, she asked me to undress and lie down on the bed. So I did.

When she came back she asked if I wanted to fuck or be fucked, I decided that I wanted to fuck her in her ass. It was very delicious and since I had been out on the town, I was not really up for being taken in my ass. She lay down beside me and took my cock in her hand, she asked me if I liked a big cock in my mouth and well I never say no thanks to that ;) I unpacked it and I have to say that I was a little disappointed! I know that you should never take rely completely on their measures but she was not even close to 24 cm. More like 20 cm. But it was a delicious cock so I started to suck the best I had learned and gradually I was well prepared to take her delicious tight ass. I went ahead but she didn't seem to put any effort in to it! Had a feeling from the start that it should just be over and done with and she actually did not really bother, mega turn off.

When I was about to cum I pulled out and she pulled the rubber of and started sucking me and play with my cock with lots of saliva! I came all over my stomach, wiped the worst and jumped in my clothes again.

I left the place feeling a little disappointed having expecting more.

Did she live up to your expectations?

She is really delicious and the images are not lying except from the dick which is Photoshopped. But that goes for most of the shemales...

Did you get anything not on the menu?

No, I do not think she bothered ;-)

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Do not know if it's on her list but she would not ride me.

Comment to the rating

Plus: Very nice girl, nice body, sexy blowjob. Minus: uninvolved, dicksize, the feeling that you just had to get quickly back out the door.

Time and place of the experience

Denmark 2012.

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Lorena Grossmen

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