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Karen Castro

I have read many good reviews of Karen, so I made the decision that now was the time. After a little calling back and forth I finally came up in her apartment. We started out with a kiss and a cuddle. I could feel that she quickly became hard and horny, she sat on the bed where she began to suck on my dick, after some time we switched and I was fucked thoroughly in the mouth, after some time we went in the bath together when I rubbed soap on her. After the bath we came out and continued where we left off and sucked each other thoroughly. Then she found a condom, where after I was fucked in several different positions, she took me into the living room where I was fucked good from behind, I was so close to coming from being fucked by her, it was really a special experience. We went into the bedroom again where she continued to fuck me. After some time it was my turn to fuck her and she got the full monty. While I fucked her, I played with her cock, when I was just about to come I pulled myself out and came in her mouth and it all happened at the same time as she came, so I quickly took her cock in my mouth so I could taste her lovely juice :) When we were finished we talked and kissed, where after some time, I could see she was ready again but unfortunately I had no time for another spin.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes 100% she had perfect tits and her energy in and outside the bed is incomparable!

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Kisses, cum

Comment to the rating

Best experience with a shemale till date, has been with a lot of them but she is clearly the best!

Time and place of the experience

31/7 2015

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