Her cock was lovely and hard

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Melissa Kylie

I visited her in her apartment. From the moment I walked in she was stunning and she was wearing sexy black lace. She was already up and running so to speak and she hugged me. Her skin was so soft and she allowed me to kiss her neck straight away... I went to take off my boots and she sexily walked over and I started sucking her straight away Her cock was lovely and hard. She is not small and I always wanted to try deep throat...which wasn't easy with her but I managed to slide all of it down my throat....we didn't do penetration as I think I wouldn't have been able to take her huge massive cock and I was more than happy to suck her for a long time........

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes. She really was into everything. She kissed me on the mouth passionately and knows how to use her tongue.I spent a long time deep throat on her which she was so turned on by. Rimmed her for a long time. She wasn't a clock watcher and made me feel really relaxed and at ease.If there was ever any time that I felt totally unbridled lust, it was with her.. Just pure lust took over.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

I got everything and more. We had golden showers. She pissed on my body. Nice and warm and she sat down and I pissed on her cock. She was so turned on by it that she came very quickly and lots of it. So sexy seeing the cum shoot out of the tip of her piss covered cock.....

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Nope. If there was anything that I was denied it was my own ability to keep up with her... She is pure passion and lust. Total sex machine. If any man has secret desires to try a shemale, then he will not be disappointed.She is a beautiful looking woman with a beautiful cock......

Comment to the rating

If you visit her, be respectful and it will be returned. Be clean and groomed and she will enjoy you. She is a very attractive shemale with a body that is pure feminine. With the sex drive of a man.. heaven

Time and place of the experience

06/05/2014.....her apartment....

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Melissa Kylie*)

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*) Melissa Kylie is also known as: Dimitria Thay, Melissa Evans, Melissa Bruni, Moran and Dea Bruni

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