I was mouth fucked like never before

Review by: Morten
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Brenda Cambel

Fell for her beautiful look that fits 100% with the pictures. Met her on Vesterbro and wow what a woman that opened the door - wearing skintight black latex suit and towering high heels ... went straight into my pants *S*

I paid DKK 1.500 for an hour of dominance.

She disappeared with the money after I had been equipped with drinks of my choice. On the way out she ordered me to take off my clothes and that I should wait on the floor until she came back. After 10 minutes of excitement she came into the room and I looked lustfully at her, which resulted in a singing slap.

She pulled me up on the bed - sat down hard on me. She loaded clamps with small teeth in my balls ... End, she sat down on a chair and asked me to crawl over to her - she pulled my hair hard and forced my head down her hard cock as she had pulled out of the latex suit ... I was mouth fucked like never before and choked repeatedly.

Suddenly she pulled me up and we tongue kissed violently for several minutes followed by a blistering slap. She pushed my head back in bed - forced my legs over her head and pressed her cock against my hole - how and when she had gotten a condom on I never saw. Fucked me long and hard and she pulled out - pulled the condom off and sat on my chest. Here she forced her cock into my mouth and fucked me again.

After some time she turned around and put her shapely ass over my face - my compulsion to lick her star. After a taste of the big cock I was forced to my knees and she fucked me hard again resulting in a huge ejaculation for me.

She pulled out and apologized that she could not come because I was her fourth customer today ... I thought never mind ... * SF *

Ended the session with a little kissing and cuddly. Left after a half hour ... sore and very satisfied!

Did she live up to your expectations?

Way more! Shut up she is hot!

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She must be experienced ... Super naughty and very hot.

Time and place of the experience

June 2011.

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