With Carol s cock in my mouth

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Carol Becker

I ve seen carol many times in London at her flat in Notting Hill...the last time I visited her I took a cute polish girl called sylvia to watch us in action...i rang Carol and asked her to wear her school uniform which she did...when we arrived at her flat she opened the door and I was stunned at just how great she looked...absolutely amazing! she had on a pleated kilt and a pristine white blouse and when Sylvia saw her I think she couldn t believe her eyes ! we went in and went straight to the bedroom...I got undressed and lay on the bed waiting for Carol while Sylvia sat on the side of the bed in amazement....Carol knelt on the bed beside me and lifted up her skirt to reveal a pair of white panties...they were bulging and I glanced at Sylvia who looked gobsmacked...Carol eased her panties off and revealed her beautiful cock..its big , a good 8 inches and thick as well...she eased the foreskin back and revealed her helmet , I couldn t resist anymore and took it in my mouth...I sucked on it gently and ran my toungue up and down her stiff shaft... it was heaven ( out of all the shemales I have seen Carol has the best cock ).. I was sucking hard on her cock as Carol forced more of it into my eager mouth , I looked at Sylvia who was smiling and nodding encouragement... I think she was enjoying the show ! Carol then pulled her cock out and asked me to suck on her balls which I did while Carol wanked her huge cock right under my eyes...what a view ! I could tell Carol was very horny and her cock was by now rock hard and that she was ready to shoot her load... I lay there and watched as she started to wank faster and faster... then she said "open your mouth I am cumming" I obliged and stuck my tounge out and waited.. Sylvia by now was a lot closer and watching intently as Carol shot a creamy white load over my face and on my tongue..."yes" shoueded Sylvia.."amaaazing" I was by now close myself as Carol knelt over me with her cock still oozing the last drops of spunk... Sylvia looked at me and smiled as she said "go on suck it , you know you want to " I gobbled up the last drops of spunk and had a huge orgasm myself with Carol s cock in my mouth... I was spent as was Carol and Sylvia was sitting beside us clapping her hands enthusiasticaly "bravo bravo" she said.. it was one of the horniest experiences iv e ever had and hope to repeat it again next time Carol is in London.. she is undoubtably one of the most beeautiful shemales on the planet and never disappoints... highly recommended !!

Did she live up to your expectations?

She looked amazing and delivered a good dollop of cum in my mouth... job done!

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Carol knows what I like and vice versa

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

absolutely not

Comment to the rating

Carol is stunning amazing and great fun to spend time with..a real diamond

Time and place of the experience

Notting Hill London...summer 2014

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Carol Becker

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