Beautiful latex corset and high heels

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Julie Bach

She was very friendly and polite on the phone when I called her up. We agreed to meet at her apartment later that day. When I got there and she opened the door she was wearing a beautiful latex corset and high heels. She looked exactly like in the pictures, very feminine and sexy. I took a quick shower and when I came out we talked a little about random stuff before she kissed me and put my hands on her amazing tits. I started sucking them and kissed her lovely little neck before I went down on her gorgeous ass. I licked the asshole while stroking her cock from behind, it was quickly getting rockhard and she was moaning genuinly, not like a lot of other girls who sound like bad porno-actors. We went into the bed and got into a 69, it was great as she made me feel very comfortable and made sure there was no stress as she sucked the cock with great skill. I sat on her tits and had her sucking me and licking my balls and by her own initiative started to lick my asshole, I almost fainted, it felt so damn good. Just amazing to look into her beautiful brown eyes as she was eating my ass. -"You want me to fuck you, don't you?" she said whith a smile on her lips, I told her yes and she put me on all fours but continued to eat my ass for a while, I was in heaven. She gently pushed her cock against my asshole and i let her inside of me, damn it felt good, and I have to say that her cock is just the perfect size for me, not too big and not too small either. She fucked me doggystyle for a while before I asked her to do me in the missionary-position. She quickly agreed and even licked my ass before she started fucking me again. It felt so good to squeeze her breasts as she fucked me, after a while she quit abruptly saying she was about to cum, still with her cock inside me she said with a smile -"Please don't move, gimme a few seconds" I just thought she was so adorable and wrapped my legs around her ass and made her continue anyway. She looked so cute as she came inside of me, still remember her face. She even showed me the load in the rubber and smiled, -"See? I really came". Now she asked me if I wanted to fuck her but I asked her if she could suck my cock some more, she agreed and I told her jokingly that I was gonna fall in love with her, -"Please don't" she said with a smile, -"It's complicated". I had gotten obsessed with her warm wet tounge eating my asshole and asked her if I could sit on her face and fuck her tits, she agreed to it as long as I wouldn't touch her cock now that she had came already. It felt so fucking good squeezing her tits while she licked my ass, I came so hard it felt like I was gonna faint for a few seconds. After I had come I felt a little sad for her that she had licked my ass after she had ejaculated, but she never once complained, nothing but professional and friendly behaviour from her. And yeah, if your'e wondering, I did fall in love with her, a little ;)

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes and far beyond them as well, superfriendly and by far the best I´ve met, very genuine in her approach, not once looking at the clock or phone.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Yeah, black kisses, and not the kind that feels like it's a job, this felt awesome as she really seemed to enjoy it herself.

Comment to the rating

I can't give her anything less than 5/5 stars, all the other girls should learn from her how to treat a dude ;)

Time and place of the experience

Earlier this summer 2014, Stockholm,Sweden.

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