I was finally allowed to experience Julie up inside me.

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Julie Bach

I had looked at her beautiful pictures for a long time on various forums and on her own website, and I just had to meet her to see if she could live up to the pictures. I called at noon and we agreed that I would come late in the afternoon. I found the address and knocked on the door at the agreed time and Julie met me only wearing small g-string panties, a latex corset and a pair of high heeled stilettos - a tall and beautiful girl and as beautiful as her pictures.

She led me into her room and immediately began to tongue kiss me and tease me with her ​​little piquant ass, and I was in a hurry to get started and paid for an hour, so we could get started. We kissed and she got down on all fours, and I immediately started black kisses and lick her big cock - then I came up in bed, and we put ourselves in a 69º before she ordered me in doggy style and I was finally allowed to experience Julie up inside me.

She fucked me in several positions before it was my turn to do the same to her. When I could feel that it was time, I asked her to sit on top of me and she rode me to the best orgasm I have had for long. Afterwards we lay for a while and kissed and hugged and talked about a little of everything though my paid time had passed, but she was in no hurry to get me out.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Julie lived up to my expectations and his own pictures. She has sufficiently large breasts and her cock is the right size for me

Did you get anything not on the menu?

I got more than what is on her list with ease

Comment to the rating

Julie is a beautiful and natural TS, and she is very feminine and has a great body with a nice ass and a tight hole. Tits and cock are also perfect. In my eyes, she is the perfect TS.

Time and place of the experience

On August 11, 2014 end of the day

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