Gave me the hottest blowjob

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Julie Bach

She is beautiful, good body and good in bed .

I lay on the bed on my back with my legs out to the sides . Julie was on her knees and began to kiss her way from my feet up towards my cock. It really felt like an eternity and my cock became stiffer and stiffer in small increments . Finally she reached the balls . She circled a little around them and then snapped them - almost in a mouthful . I moaned as she with her mouth pulled on the balls so that the skin was stretched - my cock was now completely hard and before I could get used to the feeling she ran a finger slowly up my ass. She let go of my wet balls and took my cock in her mouth (without rubber) and began sucking. It was the hottest blowjob. Shit it was so good.

She pulled her finger out and I got up to see if there was " some dirt on " but she was just pushing me on the back again and rolled a condom on my dick. Then she climbed on me and with a lecherous gaze she slid down over my cock and started riding me - all the way to the root.

It was quite simply too much . It took max. 2 minutes before I came. I thought about pushing her away , but it was simply too great and I gave up.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Hell, yes . But next time it should last longer - but of course it was my own fault .

Comment to the rating

I could almost as well have given five stars , but give four because it could have lasted a little longer. But something tells me that it gets five stars next time I visit Julie !

Time and place of the experience

Denmark , February, 2014.

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Julie Bach

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