Now Jennie fucked me

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It was the second time I visited Jennie. She was wearing a sexy skirt and top. We started kissing and feeling each other. It was very naughty and I was so horny.

Then Jennie started to open my pants and eventually we had undressed . Now I was just so horny that we ended up on the bed where we sucked each other. Now Jennie fucked me while I lay on my back, but I was just about to come in a short time, and had to stop her. I Got her to come over my face and in my mouth.

Afterwards I fucked her and came. We talked a bit and then I went home happy.

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Late at night on June 2, Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Is in: Copenhagen, Denmark
Latest of 15 reviews: Saw how beautiful and feminine she is

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*) Jennie is also known as: Jenny

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