Naughty and very overwhelming experience

Review by: Invasion
Published: 1375095650000
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Jennie is the first and only shemale I've tried. But certainly not the last :-) It was a very naughty and very overwhelming experience.

She was really nice and welcomed me with open arms. I explained to her that it was my first time. She said that she would make sure that it was not the last :-) She asked me what I wanted to try. What I had always wanted to try was to get fucked and be allowed to suck. She laid me gently on the bed and took her sexy red underwear off. Then she sat on my stomach and put her penis on my chest. It turned me crazy and she could see that I had a nice stiff cock. She smiles looking at me and rushed to give me a rubber, and then started to suck. It also turned her on when she suddenly stood up and showed that she was stiff and had rubber on. Her cock is not so big but fit in well with her because she is very small and feminine.

Now I would be allowed to suck and it was almost as sexy as I had dreamed of. Found out that I could imagine a bigger dick in your mouth next time, but kept thinking, "fuck how wild it is that I have one in my mouth right now." One thing is for sure that the next time I'll try it, it will be without rubber. It was a bit like sucking on a balloon. She asked me if she was going to fuck me now, and I said that i would like that very much :-) Here I was so glad that it was not as big as it went very smoothly in and was just incredibly sexy. She would very much like to kiss while she was fucking me and I was not so much into that since her tongue was very masculine ... a little hard to explain, but in my head is a shemale not a man, and I will not be reminded that it is a man beyond what they have between their legs. She fucked me in missionary until I came.

I would have tried something more, but was simply too horny ... When I came she asked if I would suck her until she came. I could not since it was all a bit overwhelming, and when I come reality really hits me. And I was a little uncomfortable ... It was not her fault and would like to visit her again, so I an get it all ...

Did she live up to your expectations?

Without a doubt ...

Did you get anything not on the menu?

No, one think it was more my own fault ...

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

No. .. But asked not ...

Comment to the rating

I give her only four because of her kissing (tongue), and because I felt her cock well might be a little bigger.

Time and place of the experience

February 2013.

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