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There were several others who praised Jennie. So the choice fell on her. After calling and speaking to Jennie and heard that her voice while good enough was not 100% feminine I had my doubts, but thought that it was okay, and she offered all the things I felt that I should have for my first experience with a shemale to be successful, as it was (and still is):

1. She has to offer tongue kisses. It turns me on a lot, and if I can not kiss during sex, then it becomes such a distant semi-cold affair.

2. She can not be a smoker. I myself am very anti-smoking, and I want to kiss. So why can not I use smokers.

3. She should have a dick, at least normal size.

4. She Has to be both active and passive.

5. She should be able to cum.

6. She should offer French without (OWO). Both ways!

7. She has to look like a super gorgeous girl.

All these things she fulfilled. It was certainly what she was told over the phone. So FINALLY I could get my fantasy to come true. So now I was nervous, excited, horny, scared and everything else that goes with the experience. You all know the feeling well :)

When I arrived, I was NOT impressed. It was next to a wretched Korean restaurant (I think) and it was in the basement of a run down 3-4 storey building. And as I walked down the stairs to the door that I could smell an intense smell of perfume. This did not look promising, and reminded me of the other three experiences where I was truly disappointed and a few times queasy. So it was honestly what I was thinking at that moment.

I was now very nervous, but probably more annoyed that I was almost 100% sure that it would be a disappointment again and that I would have spent 400 million in transportation at it ... again.

But then the door opened. It was quite dark, and I couldn't see anything. But when my eyes got used to it, and I finally saw her, I would definitely say that I was impressed. There was a really beautiful, well-proportioned and fantastically hot slut in front of me, and she asked me to come inside. It was NOT a difficult to decide. Her I'd love to let take my shemale virginity! ;)

She sadly didn't speak very good English, but she understood the most basic. So I was mildly indifferent. It was, after all, not a debate-club I was going to, but my very first adventure with a shemale. She had a dazzling smile, and I simply could not take her eyes off her. Not least of her ass as she led me through the apartment into the room, like so many other massage rooms.

It had a bed, a chair and a bedside table. I got a better opportunity to see her in action while we stood and "small talked" and she WAS really as delicious as I had first thought. I was SO happy that I had finally found a "girl" who lived up to my requirements. Her mesurements and pictures on her website fit, and she was even hotter than I had ever imagined. So I made it clear that it was my first time and I would like that she gave me an absolutely amazing experience, and that it probably could be done in half an hour to DKK 1.500, -. She was up for that, so I gave her the 1.500 - and I could now hardly wait to get started.

I had been washed before I left home, but after the few hours of travel, I would like just a quick shower. So I asked if I could have a shower. It was no problem. I just had to follow her. Which I had no problems with due to her amazing ass had absolutely nothing against that:) She led me into the room opposite, which obviously was also a massage room, but had a fairly large futuristic shower in the corner. Before I used it, I would also just like to use the toilet, which I found at the other end of the hallway. It was crazy small, and the door lock did not work properly, but it was possible. My thought was that IF I for the first time in my life was to get banged in the ass, which I really still did not yet know if I seriously wanted or dared, I would make sure that I was clean. After visits to the toilet, I was led into the shower again, where I washed myself thoroughly all over, and finally felt that I was clean, horny, ready and willing for my first experience with a shemale.

I was again led into the bedroom, and I put all my clothes on the chair, and sat on the bed, now wearing only in underpants which I had at that time not ironed, because I was frankly, despite lust and excitement, quite nervous, because I still didn’t know whether I would like to be with a shemale or not. Jennie sat down on her knees in bed, looked me in the eyes, and so we started to touch each other while we kissed. She kissed quite easy, and fleeting, where I really love to kiss deep and wet, so I was momentarily quite annoyed, because it really turns me on. But I forgot about it pretty quickly, because I really loved touching her body. It was hot, tight, springy ass was perfect, the stomach was flat and she smelled nice.

I got the corset of her, and I could now play with her breasts, which were super lovely and not rock hard, as I have felt on others. They were lovely. Not as lovely as real tits, but not at all as tough as feared. I could now see that she also appreciated that touch me and be touched, for she had now a completely hard cock in her panties. So now it should be. Now it was the first time I touch someone else's dick. It was wonderful and exciting. It was tough and I could hardly wait to see it in the open, so I took the panties of her, and now I could play with it, feel the warmth of it, play with balls that were tense and pull the foreskin back and forth. It was approx. 13-14 cm. I would guess, but it was okay for me. I had hoped for a bigger one, but it was okay. After all it was my first time and you can not have everything, right?

It was a strange, strange, wild and super naughty experience. Not least because I really enjoyed getting to feel her hands on my body and her tongue play with my. It was super sexy and I could not have been more excited. So my cock was also erect and ready. It was really tough and ready to fight. Her hands were playing too diligently with it and my balls.

And she could find out. It was really nice and we sat and played with each other's dicks while we kissed and our hands were playing everywhere together. I enjoyed it to the fullest, but now I could feel that I would have another fantasy to come true. I would suck cock for the first time. But even though I'm in my fantasies had never used a condom, and she had said on the phone that it could be done without, she put a condom on, and in that moment, I must admit that I was glad that she did it. I had, after all, a girlfriend, and I was not sure that I would not like the taste and smell of a cock in my mouth. So I was glad that she put it on. And then I started to suck cock and balls.

I spat on them, made it quite wet, and took it deep and fast. I sucked both cock and balls into his mouth and did my best to treat it as I would like that my own being treated. It was naughty. I love licking pussy and ass on girls and I spend a lot of time doing it. But now it was damn exciting to try something new. And it worked really well she loved it. It was at least as rock hard as it possibly could be. But I must say that it does not feel like a dick for it because of the rubber, so it felt really just like a balloon with something inside. It was very strange and I did not like the taste, sound and feel. So next time I will not suck cock with condom. Then I try the real thing. It is certainly something I should have tried.

I kept on a few minutes, but then I became so horny that now she should fucking show how good she was at sucking my cock. I got a condom on my very hard cock, and then she began to suck while I could look into those beautiful eyes. She was good at it. She also licked my balls, and she knew her stuff. No doubt about it. But if she was better than the girls, I did not know. I have been with many girls, and a few were better, and many were worse. But it was nice. No doubt about it ;)

I had no real plan for what I wanted to happen since it was my first time, I would just let the experience wash over me without having too many expectations. But I certainly had fantasized about sucking cock and getting my dick sucked by a shemale, shemale fuck someone and watch her cum, possibly even on my face or in my mouth and then also through the busted by a shemale. It was at least in my fantasies often had contained. BUT that was not to be. Because when she came to the crunch and we stood and sucked and licked I could not imagine that I would turn arround to be fucked in the ass, or to be spermed in the face, mouth or anywhere else. So I did not. I was never fucked, but it was probably only my fault. It seemed as though she very well could imagine it, but instead I lifted her up and turned her over so she was on all fours so her super lovely brown ass stuck straight up in my face, and then I started to make her asshole wet with my fingers and tongue.

I licked and spat on it, but I played with her cock, which was still wet. And then I got up on his knees, took a firm hold on her mouth-watering ass and then pushed my cock into her tight but delicious ass. It was super sexy to hold her hips and then just swipe her hard and slow, fast and wild, while I could see her play with her cock underneath, and I slapped her in the ass and pulled her her long, beautiful hair. It was super sexy and it was not something I could keep for very long, I could feel that, so I unfortunately had to stop soon. I turned her over on her back, and as I lay on top of her, and then we kissed while I played with her cock, so it could not be more fierce, and while I did it I slipped further and further down her body. Along the way I got licked, pinched and bitten on her nipples, navel and stomach.

So I reached down to her cock as I again was given the big licking while I finger fucked her in the ass. she obviously liked that because she could not lie still. I also had given her balls a serious licking before I sat up, grabbed my cock, and with a shock pushed it all the way in her ass and just held it there while I enjoyed the sight of her body. Her beautiful face, her beautiful eyes, her beautiful smile, perfect breasts, flat stomach, and erect cock that stuck straight out in the air. Then I started again to pump her hard in the ass while her right hand flew up and down on her cock. It was so lewd, and I had huge problems with not cumming right there. So I had to occasionally take breaks, but I was still on for some time, all the while she became more and more horny.

It was obvious. She was tough and she looked very intently at me and it was obvious that she very much wanted to come. So while I took a little hard grip on one of her nipple, I ordered her to spray all over her beautiful body, so I could see how lewd I had done her. It was not hard to convince her, and within 30 seconds, her cock quite excited, she began to moan and then sprayed the 3-4 long squirt of thick cum all over her stomach and breasts. Needless to say, it looked super sexy, and with contractions in her ass, it was enough that I could not tether. I came so hard in the bottom of her as I pulled out my rock hard cock out and came with a roar, and 5-6 long splashing white cum splattered all over her body.

It was violent and super sexy.

I was now sweaty, slightly exhausted and I had just got a crazy orgasm with my first shemale. I have received many, many orgasms with escort girls before, and I have each time been wanting to hasten the clothes and go. Sometimes, especially if it has been a bad experience so annoyed I am every time as soon as I have come, that I spent the money.

And I will not say that I am ashamed of what I've done, but I'm not always directly proud of it. So when this experience was something completely new and perverse, not something I do every day, and not something I want any at, so I was quite worried that I would feel some kind for EXTRA look at myself. Also because it after all, seems pretty "gay" to suck cock, right? Even though I do not feel gay or homosexual. Not in any way. I did and do it just to try something new and different just with an added twist. But I was actually quite afraid that now I would feel differently. As if I had crossed an invisible boundary and was now a sicker and poorer man. But to my great and pleasant surprise, I had not at all felt like that. I felt exactly like I always had it with normal massage girls for a great fuck. I just lay there and relaxed a little before I quietly began to get dressed and small talked. She was
obviously very pleased and she pulled the now countless picture albums appear where there were dozens of model photos of her. She wanted that I saw all of them. She was very proud of them and that I can understand. They were great and isowas she fucking too. I told her many times and she loved it. She really enjoyed getting to know how hot she was.

But who does not? When I saw the pictures and got my clothes on, she followed me to the door, and with one last kiss I stood back out in the hallway, with a smirk on her face about what the hell I had now gotten myself in sexual escapades.

But I was more than 100% satisfied with the experience and even more with her.

She can recommend with all my heart, and it's really your loss, if other perverted shemale lovers do not visit her! Do it, because you will not regret it. In addition, I would have paid for a half hour, but I was probably closer to 40 minutes. Not bad! I hope it was review enough for now. I am sorry that it took so long, but what can I say .. I'm lazy sometimes :)

And other times I will just keep a slut all by myself! But on the other side, then I would never have visited Jennie, if you all had kept your experiences to yourself, right? :) So here is my experience.


Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes, she did to the fullest. Good enough she kissed not as deep as I wanted to, but she was better at other points than I had thought, so I'm happy that it was she who took my "shemale" virginity.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Yeah, I got 10 minutes. more than agreed, plus she really opened up for herself in the huddle after the sex.

Time and place of the experience

It took place in 2004, I think.

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