Hits me in the head with her load while she rides me

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She goes by chantal and is in Vejle. I called her and agreed on one hour , she came out and showed me into a small but cozy room. I ordered one hour she is really charming and beautiful.

I began to undress, when I was in my underwear , she said I should come over to her and I got a long wet kiss . I sat on the bed and she took her cock out and put it in my mouth . Dick is approximately 17-18 cm . When I had sucked her stiff she pulled my underwear off and my cock is stiff. She was not shocked at the size of my dick - I'm well-equipped (24 cm) and she sucked like a man possessed on my dick .

She asks if she should fuck me , I say yes , and have a very hard cock . She fucks me about 10 minutes. So I am ordered to fuck her. I stand on the floor and she slowly slides down over my cock . She moans loudly and she really likes it , coming up in her. After a while I lie on the bed and she rides me . She actually comes without playing her cock and hit me in the head with his load while she rides me . Then she jumps off and play my cock as she pulls me in the balls . I spray my sperm up my stomach. She smiles happy. All in all a super experience .

Did she live up to your expectations?

Her cock is not as big as she writes , otherwise delicious slut .

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Full satisfaction.

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Do not get all 5 stars due to errors Info about her cock - size.

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Vejle, 6 December.

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*) Rafaella is also known as: Rafaella Hilton

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