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Review by: Greek Magician
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Oh my god, what a Sunday - Goal-show at the football match in PARKEN and then before that about two hours in the company of Ellen , but here I will confine myself to the experience with Ellen. Has been by a few times before, and the last time it was agreed that I should bring some toys to the next meeting. Have now been waiting for months, and finally we were able to find a match in our calendars. For me, Ellen is something close the perfect company - I love to try new things and can never quite figure out if what I like most is the GFE or dominance - and here Ellen is exactly what I need for both. Appearance, size, and more can be read much about in other reviews, so I will try to describe some of the other topics. Today we started with small talk, looked at pictures on our phones and while we were sitting close to each other - eventually our hands also found their way around each other's bodies, the last clothes were taken off, and then it was time for amorous activities and tongue kissing. And of course it ends up with that we suck each other - perfect. I had brought a couple of big dildos (one of about 45 cm and a diameter of 4 cm - and one of about 30 cm and a diameter of just over 6 cm). Ellen had decided that they had to be used on me, but first I had to feel her cock in my ass - as she said - I want to get in you while you are still tight. We started in doggy, where she quietly entered and slowly increased the pace while various words hit my ear - there was language that should not be repeated here :-) Then it was on to my back and then another round of fucking. But only briefly, then she decided to tie me up. Hands and feet were tied together so I got to be like a small round lump, which was directly open in the posterior regions. She pushed up inside me again while she jerked me off and sometimes took her mouth forward to my now very hard cock - how she get down there while she's still inside of me I still can not really understand. How we get to it I do not know - but we agree that today I must get fisted - and this talk makes Ellen extra horny and I can feel she grows even further. And although it was not the agreement, she must realize that she can not keep the sperm back any longer, out of the ass off with the condom, and then I nicely swallow. Just to "relax a bit" she begins again with tongue kissing while playing my dick. Now it's time to use the dildoes. While I remain bound she drives the long and "thin" one in and out of me in a strong pace, while her mouth gives me the lovely French - then she switched to the thick dildo, and the French continue albeit with variation of Swedish. Now 90 minutes have passed and Ellen explains that now is the time for the final. She finds a pair of long black latex gloves, my ties are loosened, and slowly she begins to lead the one hand up inside me - I can feel that I am a little out of practice, but finally the hand gets inside, and now she begins a magical dance with her fingers inside me. What she does exactly I do not know, but my body starts shaking and is almost in spasms, and my mouth exclaims almost uncontrollable sounds. She pauses, still with her hand inside me, and then repeat it all once more. Eventually I give up and ask her to pull the hand out. I think I've been through a couple of anal orgasms without ejaculation. The last part Ellen take care of now. Again a little mutual French, and then we give each other strong Swedish while we tongue kiss so hard that I almost can not breathe - this results in a perfect large ejaculation for me, and a little less for her (but it was also the second time for her ). And I do not understand it - the two hours have passed and now only at bath remains, a little small talk and then a warped walk down to the car. After such an experience I drive very carefully home, but I dont think the kind of intoxication I have in the body gives a mark on your license. Should you at this moment be in doubt, let me just repeat that she is worth a visit, and this time it is possible until Friday May 6 - then she takes a break until mid-June, when she will stop by again.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes - definitely

Did you get anything not on the menu?

The list indicates virtually everything but fisting was included

Time and place of the experience

Copenhagen, May 1, 2016

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