I was rewarded with a mouthful of cum

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Well welcome to the eighth wonder of the world! I met Ellen on Thursday lunchtime in Endell Street in Covent Garden... what a memorable experience! I had just missed her on her last visit to London about 5-6 months ago and had been tracking her profile almost every day since ! I just couldn't believe my luck when i saw she was back in London.

I arrived at the door just before noon and rang the bell. The door was slowly opened and hiding behind it... the most gorgeous girl iv'e ever seen! She looked amaaazing... I couldn't wait to get up stairs and into the bedroom as I followed her up to heaven. Ellen was wearing very sexy lingerie and stilleto heels... almost too good to be true... but she was real! I undressed and lay on the bed where Ellen joined me...

She slipped her panties off and there it was... the monster! She told me to suck it and i did... it just kept getting bigger and bigger... we got in a 69 and loved it... she also smelt wonderful... a real feminine fragrance. She said she was horny and hadn't cum for 2 days... lucky me!

There was a lot of playing and kissing which was great... and her cock just got harder by the minute. After 20 minutes she was desperate to cum but I asked her to wait... and she did til after another 20 minutes when she said she couldn't hold it any longer. She straddled me and I sucked her balls as she wanked her huge cock over my face... then it happened "open your mouth... open it now!"... I duly obliged and was rewarded with a mouthful of cum. She let out a huge moan and I watched as she delivered 2 last dollops of spunk into my mouth... followed by her huge throbbing cock... I sucked on it for a while and she looked pleased...

I can honestly say the best TS experience bar none... exceptional... Ellen is spectacular. She is friendly, considerate, sexy, horny as hell and worth every penny of her fee. You can't get better than the best! A truly wonderful experience which I will never forget... I said I would never get married again... Ellen is the exception! Pleeeeese marry me!

Did she live up to your expectations?

NO... she was a hundred times better than I could ever have hoped for.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Everything is available and service was incredible... probably the best experience of my life!

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Absolutely not.

Comment to the rating

One of the most beautiful and delightful people on the planet... a real joy to spend time with... she will melt your heart!

Time and place of the experience

Endell Street, Covent Garden, London 2015.

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*) Ellen is also known as: Bianca Gold

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