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I have seen her three times previously in Copenhagen, but she has been "away" for a while and it gave me total stress. Went around all the time and thought of her giant black dick - and was sorry not to have visited her one last time before she disappeared. And suddenly Ellen's profile was back online - I could feel the tension rise inside. Called Ellen immediately and my pulse began to rise. She happily took the phone and we agreed to meet an hour later. I hurried off to KBH like I was shot out of a cannon. Ellen opened the door and invited me inside. She looked wonderful. She said that she had landed in Kastrup the same day. Ellen was mega rutting and said that she would fuck my pink asshole (she knew I was enjoying the passive role which only made it more sexy to me). We kissed each other until we lay on the bed in the bedroom. Ellen quickly slid down to my hard cock and started sucking it. I would also suck Ellen got turned on in a 69. Her huge black cock was already rock hard when I got it in my mouth. Ellen was very busy gagging me with her long anaconda and filled my neck out completely with her thick stick. Then Ellen rolled me up on all fours - now I fucked! Ellen excited me first with Brown kisses - Then she rolled the condom on and stood astride me. Ellen grabbed me by my shoulders, went down at the knees and forced me back towards her amazing cock. Ellen pushed her heavy brown dickhead against my star and peneterede me slowly and smoothly. Ellen fucked me doggy style until she pulled us back and got me to ride her with the face directed away (but just against a full size mirror). Climbed up on all fours and continued to ride while I saw myself being ravaged of Ellen. I felt her thick banana grow inside me while I rode her. Suddenly she pushed me out, got up and tore the condom. Before I could say anything she grabbed my head and shot several loads of warm, sticky spray on my cheek, mouth and chin. Then we put ourselves in a 69 again and Ellen sucked me until I came with a roar. Afterwards I took a bath and we talked a little about her trip. After I got home I remembered how "stressed" I had been before, and how important it is to get the quality experiences when you have the opportunity to enjoy them close to home.

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100% mega sweet, good service, speak and understand Danish. If you are fond of dirty talk during the session you have probably gone to the right place

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