Poured a lot of lube on and in my ass

Review by: Sportsman
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It was the last day before the holiday. Yes, I had the house to myself. The plan was that I would use the day to enjoy myself alone, but the plan was foiled! Because on Shemalewiki.com I saw that Ellen was in Aarhus. - Jow jow .. THAT Ellen. And then I was not just horny anymore, I was very horny!! When Ellen did not respond to my calls I texted her. Utilized the time until she responded by taking a few enemas (I should both be completely clean and have plenty of room :)) and I removed the few hairs that had appeared below the navel. And .. I put a butt plug up since I had seen the pictures of Ellen equipment and wanted to take it without those convulsions one can have when you have not gotten any dick for a while .. - I prepared myself. . The answer came, and within minutes I was sitting in the car with the goal set for an address in Århus N. Easy to find. but a wrong nummmer ... I guess it was because Ellen prefer the customers to call so she can check them out and thus avoid annoying customers or worse .. I made contact and the door was ajar when I came up to the right floor. Ellen stood behind the door ... Well .. the pictures is not far off! F U C K she was hot!! Sexy dressed, smelled heavenly and her makeup was perfect! We chatted, the "gift" changed hands while I undressed.. Ellen left me and took a quick trip to the sink where she washed her equipment, respect! Meanwhile I took my plug out .. I could feel my hole was ok relaxed and it was a good idea I had here .. When she came back she pulled it out WOW it was big! She told me in very clear terms that it was what people came to get that it was my duty to suck it hard so I could get it. (there were apparently no doubt from her side who should get the cock, it was ok with me, I needed it so much!) On my knees I started to suck. she would like to have it down my throat but I'm not so well trained in this. Getting it any deeper I probably would have thrown up, and how cool is that? After a while she turned and then I got sucked simultaneously. It was really good. Her newly washed cock tasted good, it was so smooth and I could feel that what i did pleased her. Suddenly she dragged her cock out and turned me onto my back. Spread my legs and pulled them well against my chest and poured a lot of lube on and in my ass .. And then I just loved that I got dick! Slowly at first, then wilder and wilder, at one point she fucked me while we were spooning .. and she played with my cock with one hand. Eventually, she took me from behind .. I have only one advice ... You have to try this boys, it was amazing! Took me from behind while she pressed her breasts against my back and wanked my cock. I came with a bang and was DONE. We socialized and talked afterward about sports, about life and other things. Ellen is a SWEET girl!

Did she live up to your expectations?

Well, I must say! My expectations were very high, and I walked away pleasantly surprised!

Did you get anything not on the menu?

I left there as a completely satisfied man. Completely satisfied!

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

No I would not ask for so much, Ellen can be there to give, and give much !!

Comment to the rating

Ellen should only have had one star because she is based in Copenhagen and not in Aarhus where I live. But in truth the service she delivers must get five stars because this is what she deserves. Or six, or eight !!!! :)

Time and place of the experience

Aarhus in June 2015

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*) Ellen is also known as: Bianca Gold

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