Forced the big cock into my mouth

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When Ellen was in Aarhus. I had the opportunity to try how it would be with a shemale. And it was good. I ordered an hour and was a bit nervous when I arrived since I've never tried it before. But Ellen was sweet and kind and fucking beautiful. She told me to undress while she showered.

When she came in completely naked, I was flabbergasted. What a cock that is on the slut. She could see it on me. So, after 2 seconds I was on my knees while she forced the big cock into my mouth. I could distinctly sense that she likes being dominant.

OK, I decided to go all the way. I said to her "you can make me do what ever you want". Then I was gagged until I was about to vomit. It turned Ellen wildly on. After that, she threw me on the bed and put the condom on, lubed me up and entered my ass. It hurt a little when she pressed her big cock in. But she paid good attention to me. I thought that this cock I would never be able to take. But two minutes after she was behind me me. Lifted my leg and knocked it in and out of my ass, while asking me if I would be her bitch. I've never tried anything better. Wonderful to feel a big cock sliding in and out of my ass.

Suddenly, she slipped out of me and took off the condom and came up to my face. "Open up your mouth", she said. Then she jerked off. And I could feel her warm sperm splattering into my mouth and out over my face.

I thought it was over. But soon after Ellen had put a new condom on and then I was forced down on my back and put my legs on her shoulders. She told me how she is going to fuck me like a little bitch. My ass was so extended from the first work-over that she slid it in all the way to the bottom right away. Then she fucked me thoroughly while I jerked my own cock. Lovely to see such a beautiful girl and her cock sliding almost completely out of my ass and then completely to the bottom.

After 10 minutes, I could not stand for more and I came over my stomach. After this seance she said that next time I visited her, she'll get a girlfriend to help (KAREN) I will be fucked hard in both head and ass simultaneously. So now I'm just waiting for her coming to Aarhus again.

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Went as I wanted it.

Time and place of the experience

July 2015 Aarhus, Denmark.

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*) Ellen is also known as: Bianca Gold

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