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I have have looked at Ellen's profile for a while - actually thought that the profile was "fake" because she has not answered the first few times I called her. Yesterday I came by mistake to press her number and got her sexy voice on the line. I was a bit flabbergasted, but also mega horny when I remembered her pictures from this website. We agreed on an hour and she sent me her address. When I showed up, I was super turned on and very excited - and to my great joy, she was identical to her pictures (unfortunately I have experienced the opposite several times and it always makes the experience bad in my opinion)! After the payment she put me on the bed and let her big black anaconda loose from the latex panties right in front of my face. What a whopper. After some "dick-slapping" I was allowed to suck on it. Ellen seemed to be extremely horny which really excited me. We went into a 69'er, where I several times had to call "time out" when her black mamba made me choke. Then she turned me on my stomach and started licking my asshole while she milked my cock. Then she pulled a condom on her rock hard, black cock and began to thoroughly fuck me in several different positions. The highlight for me was reverse cowgirl, where she played my cock while we looked at ourselves in a large closet mirror (which stood beside the bed). It made me monster come all over myself. With sperm over my stomach, she ordered me on my knees, then she sprayed her sperm in my face. Totaly messy and gooey! I took a quick bath, kissed Ellen goodbye and stood in the street shortly after with my legs half shaking in ecstasy after being fucked both thoroughly and well..

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It was a value for money experience. She was on and took control of the session, which suited me perfectly - I did not need to coach her in anything ...

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did not ask

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