Ramming me deep untill I came in an explosive orgasm

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I wrote Ellen in the afternoon, asking if she was available later in the evening. To my luck, she was! This would be my first time with Ellen, and after all the good reviews, I was very excited! I arrived at her adress and was let in. She greeted me at the door in some sexy lingerie, and showed me to her bedroom. She then started grinding up against me, kissing me, asking me if I wanted to be fucked. I told her I would love that. She then told me to sit down on the bed, while she was standing, and then told me to suck her cock. It was massive! After sucking her the best I could, and being gagged a few times, she started sucking me instead, and we ended up in a 69, sucking off eachother. She then pulled me up to her, kissing while she stroked my cock. Told me to lay on the side, and then she prepared her cock and my hole, and slowly entered. At all times she asked me if it hurt, so she is very considerate! After a couple of tries it went in, and she slowly started to fuck me. It felt so incredible! And Ellen was still asking if it hurt and if I liked it. After some time she wanted me to lay on my stomach, while she lay ontop of me, pressing that enourmous cock further and further up into me. Then she pulled me up in doggy, and just started ramming her cock into my hole. At some point it became too painful, so she flipped me over on my back, legs up, and then she went to town again on my poor ass. At this point, I asked her if she could take a picture for me to remember all this by, so she took her time to both record a film and take pictures while she was fucking me in various speeds. I was constantly about to cum, so I had to ask her not to stroke my cock too hard while fucking me. She then wanted me to ride her, and just sitting ontop of this gorgeous woman, riding her cock, was almost too much to handle. She told me to lay down again on my back, and then wanted me to suck her cock. I did and in the end, she came into my mouth with her delicious sperm. I asked her if she could fuck me afterwards till I came, and she said she maybe could. So she put on a condom, and just started ramming me deep untill I came in an explosive orgasm, hitting myself on the cheek with the sperm. My legs was still shaking after the orgasm when I was driving home! Afterwards we just sat on the bed, talking about everything and rewatching the video she just recorded. Ellen is a really sweet and passionate transsexual woman, and I understand why so many people like her. Might be the best fuck I have ever experienced in my life!

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Yes, and even more!

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Absolutely amazing Ellen made me feel like I was in Heaven!

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Copenhagen, 19-03-2015

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*) Ellen is also known as: Bianca Gold

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