is very active with a dominant gfe twist

Review by: tall and handsome
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Have been with Ellen at least 10 times before this review. She is by far the most sweet and proffessionel Shemale I have ever encountered. She has never let me down or failed to rock my world. Approx. mid october I called Ellen one night. She answered the phone and told me she was not working, but would take her bike down to her place and meet me in an hour. She knew my number (I'm named something like tall and handsome on her phone). I was there early and waited a bit, when she came cycling towards her place. She is stunningly good looking, and no one would ever guess her secret based on her looks. As she parked her bike in front of the door, I decided to walk towards her. She recognized me and she smiled at me, took my hand and we went through the door together. In the darkness of the hallway she first kissed me hard, then pulled my pants down and started to suck me. After that we went upstairs to her apartment, and from here on everything as usually gets blurry. Ellen is very active with a dominant gfe twist. And her tool while big seems to fit me like a glove after the initial painful few minutes. This is properly due to her being so attentive - always focusing on your well being. After the act - Ellen still has time and is very talkative, in both english and danish. no rush there or sudden change of mood. I do believe we have a gem hidden here in CPH. After being with around 20 different shemales I have to conclude that no one is at her level. I would actually recommend all the other TS girls to go visit her, and please bring a notebook. Take good care of her.

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Yes a genuine GFE

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4 stars is out of this world + still Ellen gets 5

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oct 2014 cph

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*) Ellen is also known as: Bianca Gold

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