She put pressure on and in it went

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I had booked 1/2 hour with Ellen. I came to the apartment where she opened the door and when I went into the apartment I felt her close to me. We have agreed that latex should be a part of the session. After money exchange hands she changed to the outfit and when she came into the room I immidiately turned hard. She is very beautiful. We went to her bed and her hand graped my cock. She then took of her latex panties and a nice, not yet hard cock came out. She forced me to suck her cock hard. And hard it became. I tryed to swallow the whole cock and she forced her cock all the way down. Now I got a bit worried how she should ever get into my ass. She now asked me to lay on my back and my leg up in the air. She started slowly and I could feel my ass open up while she put pressure on and in it went. She slowly went in and out but the pace got higher. Then she got crazy and fucked me so hard and called me her bitch while she played my cock. I asked her if I could take her and she said that normally she never did that but I could do that. I took her from behind for a short time. Then she put her big cock into my mouth again and I could not keep my sperm back and I came a lot. Her cock taste very good and clean. And the feeling of that big cock makes me so horny. She is wonderful. My love to you Ellen, thank you for a great experiance.

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Feeling of love.

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Not enough time for her to sperm in my mouth as I wished for. Next time she says she will sperm.

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25. of August 2014

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