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I have fantasized about getting to meet a trans for about 20years, the fantasies have been many and glorious. But it is not always like a fantasy is just as good in reality, but after reading all the great reviews on Ellen I figured it's time to try. Slightly nervous and with high expectations as I arrived at Ellens, she opened the door wearing only panties and bra. I would liked that Ellen is very beautiful after looking at her pictures and the fact is that she is even more beautiful irl!

She led my hand pretty quickly down to her panties where I first get to feel her big cock. I undress a bit quickly, and we put ourselves in bed, I lay between her legs and works her cock as I begin to suck on it. It grows quickly in the mouth, it is a lovely big cock she has.... We put us next to each other so that Ellen can suck my dick while I continue to suck her black cock. She asks if I want to be fucked by her big cock and my answer of course is yes.

She lies down behind me and gets gently into me, absolutely wonderful feeling to be fully stretched in the back. We continue in various positions, she fucks me really well. After a while, I wonder if I can get into her, which I did, she rides my cock so that I can simultaneously stroke her cock. Want her to continue to fuck me so she jumps off and enters me again, she fucks me in long strokes and look into a mirror next to the bed. Feel that I can not hold back much longer so I ask Ellen to pull out so I can continue to suck for a while, quite magical to suck her dick....

I've Said before that I want to taste her cum so when it begins to approach that time for her​​, she lies next to my face and starts to jerk off while I suck, after a while she squirts in my mouth and over my face .. ... While I have Ellen's cock in my mouth as she sucks on mine, I come in her mouth and I am enjoying something absolutely incredible! Meeting Ellen is like coming home to your girlfriend and make love passionately and lie and talk a little bit afterwards, close to kneel down and ask the big question :)

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I got all my wishes fulfilled.

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She is worth all the stars that are available :) I will certainly be back!

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Christianshavn 2014-07-01, Denmark

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*) Ellen is also known as: Bianca Gold

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