She sprayed her juices all over my face

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I live outside Denmark. But I am often in Denmark, since I have family in Denmark, and I do buisness often in DK. I have over the years gradually had a lot of naughty dates with T-girls. Many times it has been more or less successful. For me, a tøzep .. must be extremely feminine. But it takes a lot before I find t-girls attractive. In other words, not enough for a man to put on a bold dress and g-string and expect to be seen as feminine. Not a negative thought. For fortunately, everyone has different preferences ;-)

However, to return to Ellen. So, I was well aware that I had a very feminine, so sexy and well-equipped t-girl. In addition, there has of course been so many positive reviews of Ellen, so my expectations for the date was very high. But despite my high expectations, she took me with storm when she opened the door. Woooooouw ;-): Her wildly sexy charisma and her vivid sparkling eyes and nice beautiful/sexy face with big red lips was the first thing I noticed. Then her genuine kindness (with my age, I know by now the difference between real and "fake" warmth)

When I enter the apartment and sees her wildly gorgeous body, I was sold ;-) She greated me with warm hugs and cheeky wink. Better performances could just not be expected. After this she came back in her wild sexy dress that highlighted her wild gorgeous forms Ellen just control your entire session, where she "forced" me to swallow her whole delicious and tasty cock.. that grew very large in my mouth (was a wild naughty feeling to feel the cock ... just grew and grew in my mouth. Combined with wet tongue kisses, black kisses and 69er and with her finger in my ass., I just wanted to let her be active. This even though I have always been the active one.

After putting the condom on, she put it up gently in my ass. Yet it was really painful. While she fucked me and gave me a hand job, the pain turned to wild sexy wellness, till date I have never ever experienced something like this before. It all felt like an eternity, where I sometimes lay on my back and other times in doggy position in which I looked in the mirror to see her wildly sexy feminine body and with the enormous rod that just drove in and out. We sweated a lot and finally I could not take anymore and then I sprayed my juices and some of the juices landed on his shoulders. Never have I had such an intense orgasm.

Then she took her big cock. Rapidly off with the condom, and then she sprayed her juices all over my face and when she stuck her juice dripping cock.. down my throat. The juices were - as many already have reported - delicious and tasty. Subsequently Ellen lay beside me and told me that it - even for her - had been wildly sexy. There was no rush. She told much about her studies (Danish) and many other things. Totally down to earth and extremely pleasant company. She surely has given me my life's sexual experience. It says a great deal. For I have for many years had so many naughty adventures;-)

Did she live up to your expectations?

Ellen liver much more than just up to the expectations (this though expectations were blown up so much in advance) ;-)

Did you get anything not on the menu?

I got the whole package

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Not at all.

Time and place of the experience

Copenhagen on June 8. 2014

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