Sticks her tongue all the way into my ass

Review by: Yogaboy
Published: 1401375840000
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so I finally visited Ellen I actualy saw her profile on about . 3-4 years ago (before her reputation was so great) , and have often looked at her profile and wanted to meet her, mostly because I think she is incredibly beautiful in her pictures. and since then I have had even more desire to see her, after reading all the wonderful descriptions of her and seeing her big cock on the pictures and heard what she can do with it. one must say her reputation proceeds her. I pulled myself together and arranged to visit her. I'm calling from home, and we arrange a time.

I show up at her place in Christianshavn. She opens the door and looks just as beautiful as the pictures. nice slim body, beautiful and feminine face. nice big tits. She is playful from the start. I give her her gift and she askes me to get naked. we start out with kissing and fondling , I suck her hard and stiff and we suck each other in several positions and she sticks her cock deep down my throat . and wow it is very big. we give each other black kisses, and she sticks her tongue all the way into my ass, and I do the same to her in a 69er. she has a nice ass too. I get to fuck her. I take her in the missionary position for a while while we kiss intensely.

Now it's my turn to get it. she put me on my side and we start from there. woow ... her cock is big. it hurts a bit when she presses it in at first, but in a good way. when she can feel my ass is getting ready , she starts to really fuck me. we end up in the missionary position again but this time with her on ​​top. it's great to feel her cock so hard and deep in me, and she continues to fuck me deep while we kiss. she asks me to turn around. and I get it now from behind. she fucks me so hard and deep that I almost cant take it. it is so nice and she can keep on. Finally , I make her cock all the way up in me. and I end up having an accident.

My ass simply can not hold on to anything and I have to go to the bathroom . but here Ellen is also just super cool. I was a little embarrassed because it went out on her sheet, but Ellen is completely relaxed, and I get a towel and a bath. When I get back Ellen is ready for bed, and she want to fuck me more. but I simply can not, my ass is so used and sore. I suck her and she becomes more dominant and fucks my mouth deep, so I'm almost suffocating , finally she comes out over my face and in my mouth. super nice sperm.

Afterwards, we talk a little and we cuddle a little , and after some time she is almost ready again. we play a little more, and she sucks me again and I suck her again. she makes me come a second time with her ​​cock in my mouth. I get a little longer nearly an hour longer where we are eating some candy, and play and play around a little. She also tells me aboit her friend that she says will help the next time so I can suck her while she screws me. I'm looking forward to this. I simply had such a wonderful experience with Ellen. she is all natural and super sexy. I had the feeling that she likes what she's doing. I had the feeling that she liked me. Ellen we meet again. hugs and kisses from yogaboy

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes. 100% she is super!

Did you get anything not on the menu?

I got everything. paid for an hour, that were nearly two and a half

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

she was very open , and did not refuse anything.

Comment to the rating

would give more if I could.

Time and place of the experience

yesterday 28/5, Copenhagen, Denmark

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