Then I had her whole fist up inside me

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Sitting here now remembering with a big smile on my face. Having just bought the little gift that Ellen will get next time we meet, for we must definitely meet again. It is now approx. A month ago since I visited Ellen, my first visit with a shemale and what a lovely one.

I do not know what considerations others have about their first meeting, but in my case it was the fear of a sudden thought that the person in front of me was a man, and what would happen to my performance if that happened.I am sure that more are having the same thoughts I can only say one thing - I can safely recomend a meeting with Ellen, You will definitely meet a wonderful woman who in many ways is more womanly than the average. In my case , we had written a little together before the meeting, so she had an idea of ​​what turns me on, and that she utilized to the fullest.

In the door, I meet a super sweet woman dressed erotically in a black sexy dress, super woman in high heels and some long red nails that was just perfect. add to that some eyes that just capture your own and holds them firmly - I was sold on the spot. I had booked 2 hours so there was enough time and we could start out gently. And so did Ellen where she quietly seduced me with quiet talk, which slowly became a little more dirty and porn -like, funnily enough along with the kisses which also became more demanding, the contacts are more intimate and the pile of clothes in the corner of the room quietly grew.Suddenly I was lying on my back in bed with her sitting on my chest and a nice soft cock was quitly sliped in between my lips - it grew rapidly , and there is no doubt that she enjoys when she gets the chance to push it down the throat until you eventually have to surrender, and ask to get some air.

From here she became more dominant and really took the lead, I had to suck her cock in several different positions - she sucked mine while her fingers went exploring - She asked if I was ready and it was time to get her lovely big cock in the ass. Again, in several positions, she can keep going for a long time. Eventually she play my cock while I had her in the ass. I had to surrender and came in a nice orgasm. Then it was her turn - off with the rubber back up and sit on the chest and her cock down my throat. Do not know how long it took, but suddenly she came in my mouth and out over my face. After a bit of relaxation it was time for a shower before we again ended up in bed. It was to talk about everything under the sun, and it was close to a real GFE.

We started to cuddle a little again - and suddenly my penis was hard an ready to go again. She would then complain that she should spend a little more time before she was ready, but that was perfectly allright. We had talked about past experiences, so she knew I could be expanded - and so it happened. A little more lube and then I had her whole fist up inside me . Combined first with a little French and then I play my cock while her demanding tongue kisses made ​​it hard to breathe - result did not wait for long, tonight's second release came. Although the 2 hours was about to be passed, there was still time for another bath, after which we took time for her to show me the beautiful dresses that she designs. All in all a super fantastic experience - and I will come back again - well, that I already revealed in the introduction.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes - and more... The most striking is her femininity

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Yeah, a little insight into her as a person

Comment to the rating

5 stars, and it is only because you can not give 6

Time and place of the experience

Christianshavn , April 2014, Denmark

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