She fucked me long and hard

Review by: Andy
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Well ... It's been a really long time. Nevertheless the experience is still something that tops the list of my sexual experiences ...

I had called and agreed half an hour with Ellen. I arrived at the appointed time and rang the bell. This super sexy woman opened the door and invited me into her bedroom. We talked briefly about what I wanted and I told her that I wanted to try getting cock. Ellen's smile brightened up a little extra when I said this. Apparently it was something she liked to hear. I gave her the agreed amount and was told to wait and take my clothes off. Practically naked and very nervous and expectant I waited only a short time before she came back in her black revealing lingerie.

She pulled me towards her and started kissing and fondling; I had to tell her that I had not had a cock in my ass before and I was very nervous. She just smiled and said that we would take it quite slow and easy... She led my hand down to her soft cock and let me feel how she became harder. Panty edge was pulled aside and she let me know that she wanted me to suck her dick. When I took her cock in my mouth it really became big and hard... Here I was a little nervous about what I had let myself in for. But Ellen was quick to pick up the nervousness and calmed me with gentle caresses, whispers and, quite simply, her way of being.

I no longer remember everything, but after she had carefully inserted her cock into me, I remember clearly that I was lying on my back as she leaned over me, my legs over her arms, her cock all the way in my ass while she is very lecherous and said: "This is what you wanted . All 23 cm inside you. Your ass feels so good." From here the devil in her took over and she fucked me long and hard. I continued to moan and ask her to fuck me hard...

Never before or since have I been so consumed with sex, as I was the day with Ellen. The lust and authenticity she delivers is simply mesmerizing...

Shortly thereafter, I had to leave the country and I have not seen her since... I think we were both turned on ;)

Did she live up to your expectations?

More than enough . Surpassed them greatly.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Presence, small talk, smile and magic...

Time and place of the experience

Copenhagen 2009. Denmark

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Is in: Copenhagen, Denmark
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*) Ellen is also known as: Bianca Gold

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