I got off as I lay on my back and she fucked me hard

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I sent Ellen a text message as she responded immediately. A little later, I called and we agreed on a time and DKK 1,500 for 30 minutes.

I arrived at her apartment in Amager not far from Christianshavn metro station, and after some trouble finding the right door she buzzed me in.

She welcomed me smiling and wildly delicious - actually better than the pictures!:) She spent some time asking about what I would like, as she nipped my ear and pulled me out of the clothes. It worked. I was already mega - turned on, and quickly followed the invitation to undress while she sat on the bed and looked at me. I came over and sat down on my knees in front of her between her legs and it was not long before I had her already quite stiff dick in my mouth. It is quite amazing: big, black and rock hard. Just like in the pictures. The idea was that I wanted to be Ellen's " bitch" and want her to fuck me and she was quite prepared to do that.

I was a little concerned about her size, but she had completely mastered it. I was thrown around a bit and got both black kisses and finger before she lay down on the side behind me and slowly pushed her cock into me. She used a lot of lube and took her time while she whispered naughty things in my ear. I managed to relax, but had to ask her to do it slowly and be careful - she is simply huge down there.

Little by little it got better and then I was otherwise moved around and fucked front and rear and hanging over the bed. She wanted to come in my mouth and I was on, but by then I got off as I lay on my back and she fucked me hard with his legs well back while I licked her big tits and had her long black hair down in my head - it was fantastic!:)

Did she live up to your expectations?

In every way! I had high expectations. Maybe even too big after reading the many reviews. It made ​​me a little nervous to be disappointed - and, of course whether I could handle her big cock. But Ellen lived up to it all! She took me in sexy black lingerie as I have asked , and just seemed very natural and made ​​me relax immediately. In fact, I think that her personality is her greatest quality, which says a lot when one considers all the others into account. After the very act we talked about everything else and it took almost an hour before I stood on the street again. Something else that came as a surprise to me was that she actually speaks surprisingly good Danish and otherwise a very good English.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

I had an experience that she was very attentive and was actually interested in me , which is probably a fantasy, but it seemed real.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

No, not at any time. It was me trying to keep up, and she took the initiative.

Comment to the rating

I have visited some shemales before, with widely varying success. Along the way, Ellen , I took myself thinking: " how should it go, just do it." It may sound stupid , but I 've certainly difficult to think of anything negative to say.

Time and place of the experience

Amager, Copenhagen marts 2014. Danmark

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