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I went to Ellen's place on a Monday afternoon. I have visited maybe 4 or 5 transsexuals over the past few years but it was my first time with Ellen. Prior to our date, I had asked Ellen whether she would wear the black lingerie that can be seen on the photos on her profile (the black lingerie at the bottom of the page). She opened the door and "oh my god"!! Ellen is stunningly beautiful; the most beautiful face, a big sexy smile, long black hair and a body to die for. She gave me a tight hug and a long, wet french kiss as soon as I entered the apartment.

She then showed me into her bedroom and asked me whether her outfit was to my satisfaction while doing a sexy little twirl. In general my favorite body parts on a girl are the booty and the legs. I love a tight Brazilian booty and very long legs - Ellen did not disappoint :) We talked about my sexual preferences while kissing each other. She lit up like a Christmas tree when I told her that I mostly enjoy being passive. She whispered in my ear: "Well then you have come to the right place, baby". She sat on the bed and asked me to take off my clothes. She gave me a very horny look while I undressed. She then took off her own clothes and we immediately started kissing and sucking each other's dicks.

Ellen has a beautiful, big dick and it became hard right away. After a couple of minutes of kissing, sucking and touching each other, she asked me to lie down on my back. She spread my legs and began licking my asshole (I love black kisses!). She forced her hard dick down my throat and she switched between licking my ass and my dick. Ellen loves to talk dirty which turned me on so badly. She flipped me over on the side and asked me whether I was ready for her dick. Before I replied, she slipped her dick up my ass. It felt sooo great! She then started fucking me while holding my legs in different positions. She quickly came on top and continued fucking me while jerking my dick.

Ellen knows how to take control which is great in my opinion. She fucked me in so many different positions and better yet she looked like she was really enjoying it :) She told me to get out of the bed and assume doggy position on her resting chair. I told her to fuck me even harder... and she did. Oh my god!! We went back to the bed and she continued to fuck me hard while jerking off my dick. She told me to look at her in the mirror on the wall. It made me so horny to watch her fuck me.

She had to take a few very short breaks in order not to cum - she wanted to fuck me for long, she said. She asked me a couple of times where on my body I wanted her cum. "In my mouth", I replied. She then said: "I'mma fill your mouth with my milk". She made me so horny that I begged her to slip her dick out of my ass and cum in my mouth. She assumed position on top of my face and jerked off her dick until she came on my face and in my mouth. Yum!! To my surprise she then put on a new condom and started fucking me again. She then started jerking off my dick while fucking me until I came. I got a HUGE orgasm and she looked surprised of the amount of sperm which came out of my dick.

I was surprised - and a little proud - too ;) Definitely the best sex I have ever had; a great combination of hard fucking and girlfriend experience. It felt real.

Afterwards, she offered me a glass of soda, and we spent around 20-25 minutes small talking. Ellen is an very sweet girl - and more importantly, she seems very bright. My kind og girl :) We then hugged and kissed each other goodbye. Ellen still had the same horny look on her face as I left the place. I will definitely come back for more :)

Did she live up to your expectations?

She did more than live up to my expectations.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Yes, plenty of girlfriend experience.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

No, Ellen seems like she is down with anything when it comes to having fun.

Time and place of the experience

March 24th 2014 in Copenhagen (at Ellen's place).

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