The most hardcore shemale experience to date

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The most hardcore shemale experience to date ! It was late February when I wanted to play with a shemale again - and I saw Ellen's naughty reviews here.

I must admit that I got a decent hard-on when I saw Ellen in the door. We agreed on 1½ hours of sex, so we got a long sexy foreplay... with lots of black kisses for both of us. We fucked each other hard for a long time in various positions. It was nice to feel her ass sliding down my cock which is as big as her .

It is very lewd to fuck with Ellen while giving each other naughty tongue kisses... It was great to get all of Ellens cum in my mouth as she came with a proper bang.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Ellen is the best shemale I 've been with ... and I will soon visit her again.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Yes, so much ... when I came into the mouth of Ellen , we made a mega sexy spermkiss ... sexy !

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February 2014 in Christianshavn.Copenhagen, Denmark

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*) Ellen ist auch bekannt als: Bianca Gold

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