We kissed and she seemed sincere and horny

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I visited Ellen the day before New Year and had to be with her ​​at 15:00. This was the second time I had to visit her. Fresh and smiling and sweet as last time. She received the agreed amount and I took my clothes off .

We kissed and she seemed sincere and horny. I began to suck her big cock and she sucked a little on mine . I lay on my side , and then she slowly began to push her cock into me - and she does that with flying colors with flying colors . She talked dirty to me about how much I loved getting her big cock into me and at this time she started to pump hard. But it was like the energy was missing. Despite the fact that she fucked me for almost 45 minutes, so missing something on her part , can not exactly say what it was, but she was not as turned on as last time. As if she had her mind elsewhere . But it was still good.

After several positions and some new condoms and well with poppers , I rode her while I got some slaps in the face, while she was playing my cock and I came all over her breasts. After that I gave Ellen half a bottle of poppers , which she thanked me for - she uses it for herself ...

Met : Yes , she rolls as in H. .. she is fucking like a robot , really durable. But she needed to lick my ass and next time , I'll try to fuck her. But she's incredibly lovely sweet and lovely to talk to. Thinking if I should take some extra time with her ​​next time , sit and have a few drinks , red wine and talk about everything ...

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Yes , but not directly but would of course like to fuck her a little . Did not lick ass .

Comment to the rating

Next time must be licking any more, I'll try to fuck her and she will be kissing my ass . It would also be 4 stars . If the 2 things goes out the window next time , it's 100% 5 stars , because she 's damn sexy as H. .. to .

Time and place of the experience

Monday 30 December at . 15.00 .

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*) Ellen is also known as: Bianca Gold

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