Natasha and Ellen took turns filming and fucking me

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The last time I had visited Ellen , I had been tempted with that she had told me that next time there would be more than one cock inside me. This was something I had wanted to experience for a very long time. So early in December , I called and agreed with Ellen that I would come the following Wednesday to be fucked by two nice big cocks .

Finally, it was Wednesday, and I got up and took the train to Copenhagen and went out to Ellen's apartment. When I arrived I was quickly let in and went into the bathroom to get ready . While I did it , Ellen's friend, who would play with, stuck her head in and gave me some shampoo. Fuck she looked good . Think it was Natasha her name was. Light skin with long blond hair , wearing a nice bra and panties . Although I have become very fond of Ellens chocolate dick, it's great that there are some white shemales as well.

When I finished in the bathroom , I went where the bed was and Ellen waited. I paid and she quickly came back alone. I had taken my camera at home because I wanted to be filmed, I told Ellen and she was very ready to shoot me . So I took it and gave it to her. She ordered me down on one knee and pulled her lovely huge cock up that I immediately began to suck hard , all the while she was filming .

After a little while Natasha came in and took my camera while I was sucking on. Soon after came her cock and I sucked on for dear life at both of them while I was filmed.

After much sucking from me, Ellen wanted me up. So Natasha lay down on her back with her legs apart so I could suck on, while I lay on my stomach . Ellen came from behind , licking my ass and rubbed lube on and penetrated quietly into me. Eventually , she was all the way down and then it went away . Now I was fucked in many different positions , and Natasha and Ellen took turns filming and fucking .

Now it came to the point where Ellen and Natasha both would be in my ass at the same time . I said ok and the lube was smeared on and so we tried to get pressed into Natasha while I sat on top of Ellen's already huge cock. There were pushed and pushed . But it did not succeed - there was no space .

So we went back to I sucked on them while both were filmed . In the middle of this Ellen came in my mouth - delicious. Ellen would now like to enter again but there was only one condom left , it came to Natasha's cock and she fucked now loose while Ellen was looking for more .

When Ellen had found a condom, Natasha sat on my chest and forced her cock in my throat . Ellen began to fuck loose. Then came Natasha and I continued to suck . She moved and Ellen fucked hard. She slapped my face and grabbed my throat with one hand , and called me her bitch. She grabbed my cock with the other hand and fucked and played loose while I sucked on for dear life at Natasha . And then I came out over my stomach and the bed. Then I went out and took a shower and relaxed in the jaw as I was sore after a blow job in something like an hour.

When I entered the room to take my things and go , Ellen asked if I was ready to get a little more cock, which I unfortunately had to say no since the urge had left me with the orgasm . This I regretted , of course, as I sat on the train on the way home . Asmy cock was fucking ready again. But now I have about a 40-minute film , with me being fucked in all my holes to entertain me .

I do not know when it will be for another visit , because it's like a little expensive, but 100% worth it.

Did she live up to your expectations?

100% - and so did Natasha as well.

Time and place of the experience

Early December 2013.

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