Absolutely fantastic, friendly, welcoming and especially raw - sexy

Review by: Flogni
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As a novice in the field it was with some nervousness and excitement I found out about Ellen's nice and cozy apartment . But a warm and loving reception took the top of my nervousness .

After the initial small talk , and the formal smoke clothes quickly came off and we lay on the bed and kissed and fondled . Before long, Ellen's big cock , however, found its way into my mouth and I sucked on for dear life as she tried to get it further and further down. Several times we managed indeed to swallow it all the way to the root, and the feel of cock all the way down the neck was great , although it flowed with saliva and saliva behind.

After a game of 69 , Ellen asked me to lie down on the side, and before long she had penetrated deep into me and filled my ass to the extreme. And where , however, she fucked me , first lying on its side , then from behind , then me lying on my back and eventually riding on top of her. Here we continued a very long time , quietly and with a nice eye contact.

Since it had been going on long Ellen said that she would soon come inside me if we did not stop , so we did, and it all ended with that she came out over my face .

Did she live up to your expectations?

With all the good reviews , one might risk being disappointed , but it was far from the case . Ellen is absolutely fantastic, friendly, welcoming and especially raw sexy.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

I just got permission to feel her cock again as I was heading out the door.

Time and place of the experience

18 November in Copenhagen .

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