Tore her condom off and sprayed me in the mouth and face

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Had a little look around and thought that Ellen's " charisma , sensuality and raw sex drive " was my own secret contrivance , until I came across this site ... And since the word is now out , then right be right - I have visited Ellen several times and it has always been worth it ...

Last time we met , I had probably the best sexual experiences ever when I was only passive ... I picked her up at the airport after she had been on holiday in Thailand with some girlfriends ( all transgender ) . It was actually quite a coincidence that we met that day , as she had just landed in Denmark and had just turned on her cell phone, when I decided to give her a ring ...

When I lived in Copenhagen and she still had to go home ( to Christian ) , I showed my course like a real gentleman , and offered her a ride ( despite the fact that the donation was for the same as always ;-) She agreed to , and jumped "into with her ​​bags " at Terminal 2 We then drove into town while we were talking about Thailand and its culture ( myself having been there several times).

Suddenly Ellen said that I had to run down to the beach ( Amager ) , which I did. I thought it was too cold to swim , and it was then not what Ellen had in mind , shortly after she had his head down over my crotch and sucked me while I drove there ! Ellen was maneuvered my cock free of the leg ends and began to grew large in her mouth when we finally hit the parking area at the beach park .

There was fortunately no one there, so I got undressed Ellen and sucked her until she ordered me to sit astride her on the passenger seat - first the front and then from behind. It was mega- wracking. Especially when I turned around and rode Ellen Reversed Cowgirl . Ellen started pounding his cock deep into me while I rode her, and I was just about to come when Ellen pushed me off, tore the condom off and sprayed me in the mouth and face.

Keeping in mind that my car is not made for this kind of acrobatics it did it incredibly easy - thankfully. I put Ellen of helped her with her ​​luggage and said hello to some of Ellen's girlfriends , who apparently had come by to say welcome back and enjoy a little about her. I wanted to go, when Ellen stopped me and (with a fixed gaze ) pulled me into a "work room" with a large mirror. Here she ostentatiously pealed the pants off me again , and then she licked my stinging sphincter , sucked me hard and fucked me in the supine position while I looked at the mirror. Then we turned both facing the mirror, I'm on all fours, and Ellen penetrated rhythmic deep, deep into my very , very sore hole.

Shortly after she pulled out and sprinkled even a hot load of cum besides my face while I came ...

Did she live up to your expectations?

100 percent.

Time and place of the experience

10 November 2013.

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*) Ellen is also known as: Bianca Gold

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