When it finaly was all the way down she started to pump me hard

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Have visited Ellen twice now. Both times it has been 100% worth it. The first time was in July, when I after finding this page was tremendously excited to visit Ellen based on the fantastic reviews that were of her. And then the size of the machine on her and the fact that her cock had been approved . I have been a little disappointed with others in the past.

I came to the place in the summer heat and rang up . Was asked to wait outside for about 10 minutes it seemed like an eternity , but when she finally rang up again , I went to the door, and after a hassle to get through the door ( I am not accustomed to such apartment doorphones ) I came up in her apartment .

Shit she looks good , I paid , she went for a few minutes and came back again . She asked a little if I had tried other shemales and I said that I had tried a few, but none with a big dick . Especially since I'm from Funen, where the choice is never big or worth it. She teased a little and said that hers was not big. But then spread her legs slightly and then swung it forward . I gaped and immediately took hold of it. It was hot , and was stiff in my mouth instantly.

After that it did not take long before she demanded to stick it in my ass , which was also what I had come there for. She licked my ass and rubbed lube on there and on her cock. Quietly , it was worked in, and once it was all the way down , she began to pump me hard.

We went through several positions until I finally had to have a short break. Now it was my turn to stick it up her ass . Then fucked her for a few minutes until she said that she wanted up in me again. All right. In with the monster and then I got a full work over. We were approaching the end and Ellen would spray me in the mouth. I had said that she should come first, otherwise I lose damn right desire . I got a decent load in my mouth and then she took my load in thesame place.

After that we were finished , I was quickly shown around the apartment , saw her dresses and met her friend , which felt a little strange that there had been someone inside another room while I was fucked next door. But never mind .

In October tremendously excited again and there was only one thing to do . I called Ellen up and jumped on the train to Copenhagen. This time , it was clear that I just had to get fucked , not that I would fuck her . And so it was I was fucked all the way until I came . And were promised everything possible about the next time there would be more than one cock inside me at the same time . Can not wait . But have to see when it will be - it's damn expensive to take the train to KBH and back again for something that takes an hour .

But next time I shall certainly be dominated 100% and I will be be more than happy for there to be more than one dick present.

Time and place of the experience

July and October 2013.

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