Birthday present from ex - wife

Review by: Slaven
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I got a birthday present from my ex - wife who has to amaze . Got the message that the gift was a relaxing massage, a mobile number to contact , as well as an envelope to hand over . My ex -wife had talked with massager ...

I met up Tuesday after work and sent a text to get the address for what turned out to be Ellen .

Promotion at the address I was let into a doorway and when I got to the right floor, the door was opened by a beautiful and loving welcoming first believed to be a woman. Blinded by the beautiful eyes and lovely brown body which is in front of me, I first realise what is going on when Ellen takes my hand and leads it down on a big cock , now for me visibly hanging from the beautiful woman 's body. What a surprise. I get a little dubious about the situation, but Ellen's sexy look and delicious hot kiss makes me feel helpless.

Ellen gets the confused me on the double bed and quickly took off my clothes , take and opens the envelope and read the letter from my ex . Can see the money does not have the greatest interest , but Ellen reads my ex -wife's letter with my birthday gift. Must have sounded : "Dominance and spank , spiced with 45 minutes deep anal and 15 min deep oral " .

Can say I got it all! My maiden times over and I enjoyed every minute.

Ellen started to command me down on my knees and take her big cock in the mouth. After having licked gently Ellen began a more violent approach. I was told to take her whole big cock (and it's big !) Far down my throat . In the beginning it was difficult, but the excitement did that I found out how to get it down so my lips met Ellen's lovely hair close to her balls. Super nice . Ellen became more dominant , I got slaps and the super deep oral shock accelerated. My head was held in the hair with an iron fist and in the infinite led down over Ellen's cock all the way to the root .

After a series of slaps , I was laid down on the bed and Ellen went out of the room . I lay and was quivering with excitement with great short breathing and beating heart . Three minutes after Ellen is coming back with a rope and orders me on my stomach in her bed.

My hands are tied behind my back and now begins a maximum of 30 minutes fantastic experience where I get fucked by Ellen's giant cock . It was hard knocks and with Ellen lying on top , pressing forward her huge cock deep into my ass . The lovely pain came when she went all the way down and presses her lower body over mine, bit my ear and gave hot slaps simultaneously.

Amidst it all Ellen went back out of the room where I was left tied up on the bed. Back Ellen came with a friend who had just come over and Ellen wanted to show her slave. Ellen immediately rammed her cock deep into my throat and wispered her friend would be the next . Her friend went - she was also a nice hot one !

I had a great experience and was a long time to get back to my usual self afterwards. Mind is still orbiting around the intense 70 minutes - is now 100% dependent on cock (which next time again will be Ellen ) .

We ended with a chat in bed and got a warm kiss on the way out the door .

Can afterwards apreciate how naughty and lewd it all was - the best of my birthday gifts ever.

Did she live up to your expectations?

TOTALY - is in love !

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Cute sensitive and lovely personality .

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Got everything I asked for - Ellen was immediately down with my unusual request.

Time and place of the experience

Tuesday 9 October 2013.

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